Monday, November 29, 2010

the reward is so much greater than the risk


Le Love,
I read this blog all the time but over the break I hadn't been able to get to it. I just caught back up and in the process I saw the picture, this picture, you posted and I started crying...

Honestly I know that thousands of people have regrets about risks not taken but mine keep mounting up.

#1: Edwin = “Chances we didn’t take”
Edwin was my really good friend, then one I opened up to without feeling like I needed to get romantically involved with him. He was also the one I couldn’t tell my family or friends about because of his race. When we both started feeling for each other we both knew I would be risking a lot more than he. In the end I didn’t take the chance. REGRET #1.

#2: Mike = “Relationships we were afraid to have”
Mike is a great guy who is slightly older than me. My friend’s initial reaction to him was mixed which caught me off-guard. I ended up telling him we should just be friends way earlier than I should have—I didn’t even give him a chance really. REGRET #2

#3: Mike (again)= “Decisions we waited too long to make”
It’s been 3 weeks since we talked…I screwed it up Big Time. Sometimes I think if texting him and acting like it was an accident just to open up communication again, but I am afraid he is still upset. Why didn’t I just let him in? REGRET #3.

Can someone please tell me how they stop the regrets from mounting up? Because I can’t take many more…..and they are all 100% my fault.
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