Tuesday, June 1, 2010

40 Things I Forget To Tell You


1. God. School. Family. 3 most important things in my life
2. I will do everything to be a medical doctor. Even if it means giving you up.
3. But then again, I don't want to lose you.
4. I want you to be happy Comfortable with me. Honest with me.
Tell me everything that bugs you, even if it is about me.
5. I much rather have a Mr Darcy, Tony Stark or John Mayer. But I much rather have you.
6. My parents will love you. It's just not the right time.
7. I want my parents to know about us. I don't like lying to you. I don't like lying to them.
8. I'm scared to death with commitment. I will never cheat on you and stuff like that.
But deep down inside, I'm still a crazy singleton.
9. Sundays. A day for God and I. My other lover.
10. Saturdays. A day for you and I. My other lover.
11. The only time I ever lied to you these past 2 months was the day you told me you loved me and didn't want to let me go. I told you I had 3 chocolate caramel bears, and ate them all already. I actually had 4.
12. If anything goes wrong with us, promise me that we will be friends.
I hated the awkwardness we had last week. It felt like I've lost my best friend.
13. Please, tell me when I start talking or rambling too much.
I'm never as happy with anyone else but you.
14. You are the first guy I'm this involved with.
15. You are the first guy I kissed.
16. I rejected dozens of invites to watch that movie, because I wanted to watch it with you.
17. I hate hate hate awkwardness.
18. I'm suppose to be doing my homework right now. Not writing this note for you.
19. I'm scared of hurting you. Whether I accidentally bit you while we kissed,
or hurting your feelings.
20. I want you to do what you want to do, not for me. For yourself.
21. This relationship isn't going to start out as smoothly as you think.
I'm the worst girlfriend anyone can have, but I'll learn.
22. I want to date other guys, eventually.
23. I think I love you.
24. If you ever think something is wrong with me, and don't feel comfortable asking me, just get me drunk.
25. I can't do long-distance relationships. But there is always a thing called trying.
26. When I'm angry, it is school and PMS talking.
27. I don't do anniversaries. Phone calls. Text messages. MSN. Facebook. Stuff like that. I just don't like not seeing your face and holding your hand on the other side of the screen / phone.
28. I still haven't asked you why you love me.
29. You have to wait until your birthday to know why I love you.
30. I actually like your dimple.
31. I like PDA. But it's sexier when no one is watching us.
32. I don't mind friends knowing about us. I do mind if you, or I, are going to get into trouble.
33. Remember our priorities. Everyone and everything else first. Then us.
34. Tell me what you want for your birthday. You are a very picky person.
And that's one of the many reasons why I love you.
35. I will write things like this, on this crappy cheap paper, whether you like it or not.
36. If I'm angry at you, don't worry. I WILL tell you.
The good thing is that I can never be angry with you.
37. We can compromise. I'm not expecting much from this relationship,
but you have to be honest with me.
38. I want to know what you want out of this relationship.
39. I don't know how long this relationship will last.
40. I'm scared to hell right now because I love you.

- J
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