Sunday, November 22, 2009



I don't really know how to start this but i wanted to add a different type of love.
I have for the past 2 years been seriously ill,
i have had to give up everything that makes me,
such as my education,my freedom,my past times and my friends.
I don't think i could have had the will power to keep going on
if it wasn't from the support of my mum.
She is the one who takes me too and from the hospital.
She is the one who comforts me when i am in pain.
She is the one i tell everything too.
She is the one who believes in me and never doubts me.
She is the one who seen me at my lowest points and still tells me i look beautiful.
She is always there for me when ever i need her.
She is my best friend in the whole world.
I love her too pieces
I didn't realized till recently how incredibly lucky i am to have her.

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