Wednesday, September 18, 2013

do i go for it?

Photo via: Mary Robinson

You're ridiculously sweet. You're brave and compassionate. You stand up for what you believe in. You're willing to take it slow. To let me figure it all out. You say since the moment you saw me, you knew I was different, that this feeling was different than the past ones. You knew it was cheesy, you told me it was, but you said it anyways. I laughed. And smiled. And said I'm not sure how much yet, I've never been in a relationship before, but I do like you.

I meant it. Every word. I like you a lot because how could I not? We can talk for hours about anything--shallow and deep or just plain odd.

Except there's nothing there. Maybe it will come later--I'm new to this after all. Every relationship is different... but can't just not feel anything, and still like you, can I? Maybe I fall in slowly, even though you fall in love fast. Maybe we need time. Maybe I'll wake up one day or see you across the room and smile and realize you're the guy for me. Maybe.

But what if I don't? I'm not scared for myself. If this was all about me, I would go for it without any hesitation.

But what about you? You're already head over heels--and I'm not. I want to give it a shot; I do! But what if two months down the road, or six, or a year, I realize that I'm still in the same place, wanting so badly to fall only to realize I'm on flat ground with my feet firmly planted. What will that do to you? I'll have led you on from the start, wanting something to happen.

Do I go for it? Or do I make the break easier now?


  1. End it now. I once felt the same way with you about a guy who gave himself wholly and unreservedly to me. But guess what? I STILL feel the same way now, 6 years later. I love him for sure, but I just don't feel 'in love' the same way. I am content, but I wonder if there's something MORE I should be feeling. Now the question of marriage is looming and I feel like I might have to be locked into something I'm not 100% interested in, for the rest of my life.

    Honey if you ain't feeling him, I suggest you spare him.

  2. Once there was this guy... I couldn't see his worth back then.
    I let him down, because I thought I couldn't love him, I felt trapped.
    Now, 15 years later, I know, that I didn't want the same things than he did at that time of of my life. I was young, ready to discover, he wanted to get serious.
    We met in the wrong moment.

    Now I'm married to a different guy I love.
    But sometimes I think about the other guy, and how things would be if my desicion would have been different back in these days. I'm not having regrets. But I will never forget this guy, and I will always be sorry for breaking his heart.

  3. I say you're scared. Go for it.

  4. Make the break. If he was the one you would know by now, you're questioning it which means he is not. Make the break and save him (and yourself) the pain.

  5. I would give it a shot.
    some things take time xx

    dreaming is believing

  6. There´s a lot of things in life that are mediocre. Love should not be one of them. Just end it´s not fair to him.

  7. This happened to me. And I dated that boy for over a year. He was my best friend before I knew it, but that's all he was. And to him, I was so much more than a friend. It wasn't fair to him, and you should probably step back before you get in too deep. But I'll always love that boy for showing me what it feels like to be loved. And maybe one day I'll love someone the way he loved me. Things have a way of working themselves regardless of what you choose. Maybe I should have more regret. I'm sure I hurt him more than he let on, but I wouldn't trade that time for the world. It wasn't perfect or passionate, but it was sweet.


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