Monday, July 1, 2013

that kind of experience

ph: ylana.hunt

March 31st 2012. Seven years to the exact day since we met. I wouldn’t expect you to remember. I’m not being bitchy or malicious when I say that, I just genuinely don’t think you would remember the exact details. Well I do and every time March 31st rolls around I still think of you, even if I haven’t seen you for approximately four of those years.

March 31st was the final of a battle of the bands competition. I was with three friends, one of whom was pretty insane it must be said. It was this friend who yelled at you outside the cloakroom, much to my embarrassment. It was her that yelled, to your face, that I liked you. You see, to you, this was completely random. You didn’t know any of us, hadn’t seen us before and saw the amusing side to it by turning around to blow me a kiss.

It wasn’t random and my friend’s comment wasn’t unjust. I’d seen you around town. You used to hang around the same area I did. I used to walk past your workplace, completely unintentionally I hasten to add, this wasn’t stalker behaviour. It just happened to be on the route into the town centre. I was instantly attracted to you and even now I can’t say exactly why.

So when you responded in the way you did, I was instantly glad she’d said something. I was stupidly embarrassed by it yes, but if she hadn’t, we would probably never have spoken. You came up to me inside and spent what felt like hours talking to me. I couldn’t quite believe it. You always seemed completely unattainable yet here you were talking to me. Out of all of the girls, and believe me, as the lead singer in a band there were plenty, you talked to me.

I can’t even remember who initiated it, but after what seemed like a total blur of an evening, we kissed. It was unlike any other kiss I’d experienced. The whole cliché of the rest of the world ceasing to exist, that kind of experience. The end of the night came and with one last kiss I had to go. Even though I never wanted to tear myself away. Ever.

We never labelled ourselves, that’s what I liked about us. Everything seemed to happen easily. I loved sitting in the summertime, with our hands intertwined, at the skate park I loved that you were taller than me and bent down to kiss the top of my head when we hugged. I loved watching you roll your cigarettes. I loved the fact you ordered double espressos. I loved your laugh, which I still remember, even though the image of you seems to be fading in my mind. I love the fact you’ve started talking to me once more. I want to be unlabelled again, even though we’re hundreds of miles apart this time. More than anything, I hope this time we actually do meet up and I hope it’s as if we’ve never been apart. I hope you’re exactly how I remember you to be and the best part is I really think you might be. It might be asking a lot I don’t know, but I want just one more kiss.

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