Thursday, April 4, 2013

how bizarre

ph: Emily Coghlan

They say that: if you can't help but to think about someone at least once a day, you should not give up on that person. Well. I'm thinking about you at least once every hour, so I guess I should grab you and never let you go?

I don't know what we are, or if we even have something, or if we can even be called a "we". We met trough mutual friends at New Year's Eve when I was back home from college visiting friends and family. And then we met when I came back once. And now I'm back in town again for a few days, but I haven't seen him- I don't know if I even want to.

Scared is what I am. Scared of realizing he's not into me like I am into him. Scared that if he is- I will fall for someone who's living far away from me and whom I won't be able to see for more than maybe once a month. I thought having a crush was fun, exiting and sweet. This is the absolute opposite. This gives me more heart ache than being miserable and totally alone.

How bizarre.


  1. Maybe because it's not a crush. Maybe it's true love undiscovered. It has its moments.. Really deep ones, both sadness and happiness.
    I think you should fight for him*

    Beste of Luck,


  2. Sometimes it's so hard to move on


  3. there is a difference between a crush and beeing obsessive.
    to think about ab person for a year in every hour without having a relationship or friendship can't be healthy.
    at one point it is better to realize that it is a dream or a illusion you are holding on.
    it is sad to accept, that not every crush will lead to a relationship, but it is better to move on. its the only way to get happy with yourself and one day with another person that is really part of your life and not only part of your daydreams.

  4. I can see what the others are saying here but I think it is all situational. I was in your boat 3 years ago. I had recently had a break up and I fell for my ex's boss who was actually from out of state and just living in my town for a few months. We discovered that we both had the same feelings and it wasn't just me! He moved back to where he was from almost 8 hours away. We kept a long distance relationship for about a year and have lived together for 2 years now! We only saw each other once a month for that first year but it was magical and real. If it is really meant to be, God will allow it to happen. Hang in there girl!

    Feel free to follow me :)

  5. I feel exactly the same! A year ago i met this boy who I fell so hard for. We were dating for like 4 months, but since I have a problem in letting people in, I pushed him away. And because of this we never turned into a "we".
    A few months later he got a girlfriend, but he kept talking about me to my friends when he was out and drunk, told them what a great girl i was and how he wanted to text me. He also came to see me at my job, since he knew the store I was working in.
    He broke up with his girlfriend and then moved out of town. He got back together with her, but during christmas they broke up again.
    I don't know why, but I could just feel he was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about him. And a few weeks ago when I was in the city were he lives nowdays, I got a text message from him, in which he was asking for how long I was staying and so on. We didnt have the time to see each other that weekend, but we decided to keep in touch. So last week when he was home visiting his friends and family we got together. I dont know what any of it means, but I just know I like him so much and I want us to be together. It seems impossible though, and I still dont know what he feels, what he wants. If im just any girl to him. I dont know anything and it makes me so frustrated. I cant go a day without thinking about him. And thats the way its been for the last year. Id just like a simple answer.

  6. You're never alone.

  7. It's better to feel something than to feel nothing at all. Trust me, you'll feel that way if you let it all go.

  8. Not everyone is ready to face the truth specially when it is in front of them. As sad as it is, he is not into you. What you are feeling actually is crush with anxiety and that anxiety is brought forward by the fact that he is not doing anything. Moving on is easier said than done but its not impossible dear.

  9. I seem to find that opportunity strikes when you least expect. The only thing you can do is take the opportunity, or you'll live the rest of life wondering "what if"


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