Wednesday, March 20, 2013

those moments

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ph: Ludmila Yilmaz

Love is hard and grueling. You know those moments where you wish you just weren't capable of love? we all have them, rare as they may be, it's those moments that you wish you couldn't love so that it can keep us from the pain of watching a loved one forget, forget who you are and what you meant to them, where their mind slowly slips away and you become a stranger in those eyes, those eyes that now fear you. Alzheimers makes you feel those moments more than you should, because you don't want to feel the pain of watching your loved one slip away in such an ungracious and undignified way, for them to lose everything that meant something to them. I love my Gran so very very much, but sometimes just sometimes I wish I couldn't love just so the pain would stop and more than anything I wish the my Gran's pain could stop.


  1. wow, this shot is just so mesmerising. can't stop staring at it

  2. I know that exact feeling of wanting to shut off the love, or the feeling of just wanting to turn back time. My grandmother had Alzheimers and her younger sister has it, the sadness that fills your heart every time you visit and they stare up at you and you know they are thinking "Who are you?" or "Why do you look familiar?". Thank you for writing this post... it is nice to find others to relate to on this difficult subject.


  3. 2 of my grandparents have Alzheimers..its so hard to see and to know they don't recognize you.. breaks my hearts every many times I wished I was heartless and not capable of love ?

    Thank you for writing this. It helps to know other people are going through the same things.

    Stay strong.

  4. This left a mark on my heart, soul and stomach.

  5. Beautifully crafted. Thanks for leaving a mark on all the readers.

  6. tears. thank you for writing this. I will pray for you. x

  7. My grandfather had Alzheimer's... though he had two strokes and passed before it got too bad. Been there though.. the forgetting who you are. Feel your pain.

  8. Whoever you are, thank you. No one else understands, and you have worded it so perfectly. My grandmother and her five sisters all have or had Alzheimer's. My grandmother is just a shadow of who she was now.


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