Thursday, February 14, 2013

a little closure

ph: pirosbicikli

You made the note pass all awkward.

At work you’re running out the door and I’m slyly slipping my seven digits into your palm, and you give this ‘what the fuck?’ look. I wondered what your face looked like when you saw it was my number.

You said it was the age difference.

And I’ve never been one to get turned down. I was confused. Straight baffled. Angered. Very very angered. We’ve been flirting five months, don’t tell me you suddenly have ethics. So, I wasn’t gonna stop, this was something I wanted to win.

You told me you didn’t want a girlfriend.

But you were so quick to get intimate after you got out of your shell. After that day you drove me home. And you said “kiss me.” After that, it was smooth. Every touch, kiss, motion, it was all natural. What started as my nine month campaign to get you to notice me has proved successful and

we were in flames. You have what it takes to drive me crazy and you use it abuse it.

You told me to send you a picture.

To help you remember, while you were five hundred miles away taking a months vacation. And I did. Everyday for a week after that I wake up to a text, “you’re sexy.” I would say something back, you’d never respond after that. You send me a text at three am one day, telling me you’re home.

You were leaving for college in three days though.

So you see me the next night. It’s bliss. You tell me how pretty I am, and how I should never let anyone tell me different. You say you want to keep in touch. We leave with you telling me you would love to see me every day before you left.

You never even called.

Yet I text you the night before your first class, wishing you luck. Asking if you’re nervous and making small talk. I tell you I miss you and you some how avoid saying it back. We stopped talking.

You text me out of the blue.

A month later. Saying you’ll be in town for your friends bachelor party. Saying you wanted to see me. And so I wait. Friday, nothing. Saturday, nothing. Sunday, nothing. And somehow I knew not to expect anything. Somehow it didn’t hurt so much… But I couldn’t let go. And I kept sending small cute texts. I tried to keep something going.

But you never said anything back.

So I guess that was that. You’re still in my daily thoughts. Silly little things that remind me of the time spent with you. How happy you made me. Thinking about this now is dragging a smile across my lips that’s almost exponential.

You made me fall in love.

And you didn’t feel it back. It’s been two months and you’re a plague. I guess a little closure would have been nice.
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