Friday, January 4, 2013

we've lost it

ph: Deniz Damar

I hate that feeling of being alone.
The one where you realize that the person you could share you deepest and most darkest thoughts, is further away than you could ever have possibly imagined.
The feeling that you both have somehow managed to grow apart, and that feeling of loss.
The feeling of knowing that deep down there is no longer anything for you with them, you've gotten everything you could from your relationship together.
The feeling of missing them, even though they're right there, right next to them.
That sparkle you once felt, now replaced with that of a heart wrenchingly, blank, nothing.
Although visibly close, you're now so very separate, you've changed.
I loved for you, but all along, my heart knew this was it.
Nothing else could come of it.
Who are you. We've lost it. You've lost me.
You've lost it.
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