Saturday, December 29, 2012

a guy from vacation

ph: lauryn holmquist

I never thought that I could have feelings for someone I've only known for two weeks; someone who doesn’t even live in my country; someone who I won’t see again in my whole life.

When I first saw you on the beach I was thrilled about your body and your beautiful face. I decided to speak to you because I knew: I have nothing to lose.

After some fun days at the beach we finally met the first time in the evening. We had a drink and talked a lot about everything – that was the first time I noticed you were special, not like the other boys I usually meet on vacation.

I waited some more days for you to kiss me the first time – and I didn’t regret waiting for it. But somehow – for me, at least – it didn’t feel like a normal kiss with some random guy. It just felt like . . . magic. I enjoyed the time with you more than ever. Just sitting next to you and holding your hand seemed perfect to me. No; everything with you by my side seemed perfect.

I was scared of the day I was going home. But I knew that this moment would come; faster than we could imagine. I tried hard to not think about it; but that was impossible.

Our last day, our last night was at the same time the best we had together. I can’t remember another moment I felt so happy and alive.

Then it was time to say goodbye. And I can't remember another moment I felt so empty and horrible. It felt like the end of the world. Knowing that I won’t see you again in my life killed me inside - and is still killing me.

Now I’m sitting here in my bed and can't stop thinking about you. My phone is in my hand and I really want to write you a message. I want to know if you’re okay – and tell you that I miss you. But I won’t do this. 'Cause it’s so childish and idiotic. He’s just a guy from vacation! Don’t be silly, girl!

I put my phone down on my table. No. I really won’t write you. I just don’t want you to think that I’m in love with you (because it would sound ridiculous!). But maybe, yes, I am in love with you. A little bit, at least.


  1. So beautiful, but still so sad.

  2. Tell him u miss (:
    It feels good <3

  3. Write to him, as you said; you have nothing to loose!

  4. When the love is in your hand, whith all you want: magic feelings for him and you, beautiful body and face, discussions and funny times... you put in on the table??? what kind of lover are you? You prefer comparate all the men of your life in front of a person you never call "because it's "so childish"????

  5. Literally had this exact same thing happen to me. Just from my past experience, I wouldn't continue the relationship. I did, and it was everything I wished it wouldn't be. Vacation can take you to a faraway dream land, but when reality hits it's not as perfect as it seems. I continued it because I didn't want any regrets and I wanted to at least have said I tried. Now I can say I tried, but it's hard to think back to the vacation when everything was perfect. Sometimes, letting it be is the right thing to do, just to know it's possible to be in love.

  6. Wtf do you have to lose girl?

  7. The thing we all dread, catching feelings in a situation like this. The only thing you can do is to try to convince yourself that nobody can be perfect, on holiday everyone puts on a front, possibly if the relationship blossomed something would have put you off of it.

  8. I just cried. The exact same thing happened to me this summer. I was happy, and for the first time also in love. Usually I'm the girl that backs of when I meet new guys, because I've built my walls around my heart for a long time and I said to myself: no one is gonna tear them down. But he climbed those walls and reached my heart. Now he's stuck in there.

    Thank you for sharing your story, so that I now know that I'm not alone feeling like this. It really feels embarrassing falling in love with someone you've only known for two weeks. But you know what: the best kind of love is with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. If I were you, I would text him. Because like you said, you have nothing to lose, not this time either.

    1. I, too, fell in love this Summer. It was the most hapiness I never knew i could experience given the pressence of a single human being. It tears me inside that I might possibly never see him again.

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  10. the same thing happened to me. and now we're together for 8 months and he's moving here, to another continent :) there's no harm in trying :)

  11. exact thing happened to me. met a boy on vacation. fell in love. he tried to stay in touch but i was sceptical so didnt make the effort and it fizzled out. its been a year and i think of him every single day. dont be me. contact him. theres no harm in trying. listen to your heart.

  12. DO IT!
    Like many others who has left comments on this post, this happened to me too. 1 ½ year has passed.
    Since then I have thought about him at least one time EVERY SINGLE DAY. We have kept in touch and a while after I went home he wrote "I think I love you" but I couldn't reply "I THINK I LOVE YOU TOO!!!" because I had something going on with a guy here.

    Now we are making plans to see each other again, but I know I still have feelings for him and I have no idea what he wants. It could be the worst decision in my life because if he doesn't love me back I will be heartbroken and if we keep leaving it in the open it will not make me get over him.
    I do not want the vacation-thing, I want the real thing but do not know if it is possible when we live so far away from each other.

    However - it will be SO worth a shot because otherwise I will keep thinking of him every single day and regret it for the rest of my life.


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