Monday, November 12, 2012

don’t let a broken heart stop you

ph: aN ACciDenT

All relationships start with happiness and excitement and feelings that make you feel like you are on top of the world and give you butterflies in your stomach which sometimes make you feel sick of joy. But my relationship started differently, totally the opposite of those feelings. I hated him. He annoyed me he never made laugh or smile. I couldn’t stand being around him. We had the same group of friends. He was always there. He was always in his own world, didn’t really speak to a lot of people, but always had an opinion about everything and every time we spoke, the conversation ended up in an argument.

The days of school were coming to its end and the school prom was approaching faster. No date. Panicking. Stupid.

He was the first guy to ask me. I found it weird but something made me accept it. So I did. He came to pick me up at the house. Wow! Were my first thoughts. He had made such an effort to look good that I felt so happy to be by his side. Everyone was amazed to see us arriving together.

That was it. That night he made me fall in love with him. he told me that after all the arguments that we had he was actually learning things about me rather than hating me. He knew everything. He knew all my views on the world, the people. He knew I what I was passionate about. He even knew my favourite colour, music, traveling dreams. everything. I was amazed I also felt embarrassed.

Summer holidays started. Everyday I spent with him. we became friends, best friends. He told me he had a surprise for me. He covered my eyes and took me to the place. When I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe what I saw. He took me to a forest and decorated it with fairy lights, candles, music playing and food. It was like being in wonderland.

I loved it but I wasn’t sure why he was doing this. He told me. “iv loved you from the moment that I saw you, you’re an opinionated, weird bitch”. Those harsh words made me like him even more. Weird I know!. I said “why haven’t you told me this before” he said “ I don’t know. But if I did this wouldn’t have been so special”

Days, weeks, months went past of exciting little surprises. We were young. He made me feel like a princess. We did so many things together that to this day every song I listen to, every movie I watch, place that I visit, food that I eat, words that I hear remind me of him. New Years Day, The End. I fell in love just once. Did it have to happen with you.

2 years went by, we meet again. Older matured. Full of dreams. Dreams that we had together. 2 years later we plan to make those dreams come true. After months of heart broken tears. After months of happiness that I got over him I traveled I met new people I had fun . 2 years later I fell right back in love with him but its different. Something is different and it makes me feel so happy that every morning that I wake up I smile. I look forward to the day and also to the months ahead as we go traveling all over the world.

So this is my story. Hearts get broken all the time. People change for better or for worse. Heal you broken heart by being free. There is happiness out there. It may be with that same person or someone else. But don’t let a broken heart stop you from loving someone else. So be free. Love make love and be happy.

peace and love

lb x

I want to thank you all for the well wishes, thoughts + prayers you sent me about my dad. This has been a crazy + surreal time for me, so it means the world to hear from you.

I love you guys + appreciate your support.

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