Thursday, October 25, 2012

i'll be here waiting

ph: colourcritique

it happened; that was the text i got from you three days ago. just two words and i knew exactly what you were talking about. my stomach sank and my eyes started to well up as you explained to me that you were starting to fall in love with her. just one month seems so fast, but i guess that's how it was with me too. you see, deep down i'm happy for you. you've gone through too much in your 21 years to deserve any less than someone to come home to at night, someone to spoon when you're watching the history channel, someone to love.

but i've been in love with you for two years. i live for the texts you rarely send me, everywhere i go i hope i run into you, you're the only person i would tell my deepest secrets to, the only person i could see myself marrying. those are the only things i know about love, yet i've come to realize that when it comes to love, BE FEARLESS. i was too scared to be with you because you dated my best friend. i was too scared because you've hurt me too many times in the past. i was too scared of losing you. i was too scared you didn't love me as much as i loved you.

i spend my time hoping that one day you'll come back to me and tell me you still love me, that you never stopped. and i'll be here waiting, waiting to finally say yes.
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