Sunday, September 23, 2012

it does happen

ph: heddaselder

We didn't meet in an exciting way, there is no epic couple story in which he professes his love or we spend years apart only to find each other.
We met in a restaurant, where I worked, and through a friend
We spend a summer together
We fell in LOVE
We became a "us"
and then I went away to university 5 hours away
and We stayed an "us" and worked and grew and have become this amazing couple, the couple where when we are out and laughing our heads off over dinner or kissing in the street I can feel people staring, wishing they could have what we have
It is not to rub it in
It is too show that it does happen

and in our challenging long distance relationship or when spend it together. I spend the end of each night, thanking whoever I can for giving me this man, for saving my life for giving me a future.
I want to marry him, I want to be his wife
and i want to grow old
with a 1000 grandchildren and a wrap around porch

It does happen
It will be a year in April
and we met over a beer
It does happen
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