Sunday, September 9, 2012

insecure together

dear Muscovites
ph: tailakova

I feel safe here. I feel safe in all our insecurity. I’m wrapped inside them. I hope that’s okay. All our fears and complications, they like each other. They fit perfectly into each other’s molds. And it feels lovely to have something slip into place without having to think. Our troubles, I think they’re in love. Flowing, light love that grows as it learns softly. A love that thrives for understanding .Our troubles, they’re so real. Yours and mine. They are people. They’re smart people, who see simplicity and close their eyes to foolish forced desires. Let’s close our eyes together. See what we want to see. Because these people we have outside ourselves, they’re hurt. They’re torn and covered in unseen bruisers. There is so much they need to say…so let’s sit down and let them talk. Let’s give them a day or two to feel safe. Let’s allow them time to feel safe in each other’s insecurities. Would you like that?

Hey You, I am really afraid. These indescribably perfect events, they don’t happen to me. I’m scared my insecurities won’t let you in. I am scared they will scare you. Beyond everything, above everything, I am terrified you might run away. Please don’t run away without me…Because you’re indescribably perfect. In every sense of the word…. I’m going to hold on tight.

You and I. Yours and mine. Can we stay here… and be insecure together?

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