Thursday, September 27, 2012

i miss love

ph: .littlegirlblue

I miss love. I miss someone to share the little space that’s left in my bed. I miss the handholding, the foot-flirting, the smiles and the laughter and all those little things. Making those phone calls in the middle of the night cause I couldn’t fall asleep knowing you were angry at me. Texting you from half a world away just to ask how you felt today. Typing emails asking about your day because we wouldn’t be seeing each other for another week. Having meaningless conversations in bed way to late at night to make any sense out of anything at all. All those things that I took for granted but missed once they were gone. I was too angry. Too depressed. Too sick of life to understand that life wasn’t what was getting in the way all that time. It was me. Walking blindfolded through life and only seeing the dark places. You used to try and light them up for me but I keep switching that light off consistently. The dark somehow seemed safer, because if I only expected the worst then I would never have to be disappointed when the outcome was nothing more than that. All the good stuff that happened would just be a bonus. But that it no way to live, apparently.

Time dragged on and I kept at my depressing ways. Sending messages every day to you about how much I hated my life and that today would be the day that I finally killed myself. When I look back at it now I am surprised at long he stuck by me through all of that. But then again, aren’t people who love you supposed be there “through thick and thin – sickness and in health”? Then all of a sudden it was over and I didn’t know how to live anymore. It sounds so dramatic and cliché but I cannot describe it any other way. There was no more reason. To live. To love. Only reasons to die. I don’t know where the turnaround was but all of a sudden there was something to look forward to.

After that I booked a 6 month vacation from my life to Australia, to go back to the place where I started out. Just to try and run away from it all for a while. Until it all came back. I noticed that I can’t run away from myself and all the feelings that I still seem to have. I learned to love again on my trip. Learned how to live life happy again. Learned to smile and laugh and sleep alone again. But no matter how hard I try I couldn’t seem to erase you. How do I get past that? Do I even get passed the feeling that I just lost my soulmate? I know I am young and now is the time to be stupid, make mistakes, fall in and out of love so many times that I lose count, experience life and do all those things I dream about. Yet, it feels like you were my soulmate and that everybody after you is just a replacement, someone to fill out that lonely feeling with.

You send me messages still though. Every now and again and I would look at my phone in the morning and read something that would make me smile the whole day. Saying that you need me to come back to where I belong. To be in your couch next to you playing video games and discussing things we don’t even care about really but that we still talk about just because we want to hear each other’s voices for as long as possible. That you want to get to know me all over again because this time, it might be different. And even though that all sounds good – how do I know that you won’t leave again if the going gets tough for me again? I guess it doesn’t matter. I guess I will get past it someday. After all, you are my soulmate. And soulmates never die.
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