Tuesday, August 7, 2012

my ex-stranger

ph: valitova

Have you ever met someone who can light up your whole day? Someone who suddenly appears out of nowhere but made you smile every time you see each other? Maybe you met that person in your town, at work, at the store or through a friend. But you find out that they’re not from here. They live far away, and in a few days they are going back home. The last day before leaving, you decide to meet up for a little while. But you missed one other, so you have to go back home with an empty heart and a question constantly ringing in your head. Will you ever meet again? You have not a name, a phone number or Facebook. What are the odds that you will ever meet again? Very very minimal.

So you can imagine my surprise when he appeared around the corner, just like he used to. With smiling lips and sparkling eyes. He said he couldn’t leave without knowing my name. That he had been driving for hours to find me. We said that we would see each other tomorrow again. He seemed happy about that, and I can’t wait. He is so beautiful. My ex-stranger.
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