Monday, August 27, 2012

i came across this boy

ph: Inès☆

I was on ChatRoulette one night, a website created to meet random people from all over the world and sometimes you'll find perverts showing off their private parts on the webcam but sometimes, you actually get to meet decent people, really decent people. And that was what happened to me.

I was on the website, had the cursor on the next button so I could just click instead of scrolling to find a next button if I were to come across with say a 40 year old pedo wanking in front of the webcam. To be honest, there were pretty a lot of normal guys I met on the website but most of them had trouble communicating in English and I got pretty bored so I pressed next, next, next... until I came across this boy, who looked decent enough but that wasn't what made me stay to talk to him, it was the set of drums at the back of him that got me intrigued.

So there we were, talking on ChatRoulette with the shitty connection and after what seemed like half an hour, we exchanged our Skype ids and continued our conversation on Skype. We talked just about everything. Our music taste, our perceptions of life, our jokes- we immediately clicked. We talked for about 5 hours before I headed to bed. Since that day onwards, we Skyped every single day for hours. I am 6 hours ahead so sleep had to be sacrificed and to be honest, it was worth it.

I showed him how my college looked like, brought him a tour around my campus. I showed him my house, my friends. We shop together online and show the things we bought. It was like he was here already but the most frustrating part is that, he isn't. How he could just stay there, spinning in his chair, juggling things to kill time while we were on Skype because I had to study for my finals. How I stole glances at him while I did my notes.

But then again, have you ever considered the slight possibility that it could be, fate? I mean, seeing him on ChatRoulette and if I pressed next, I probably would have missed the chance of feeling this way. If the connection was shitty and we didn't manage to exchange any information about one another, if I accidentally closed the website. Anything, I mean, what are the odds?

How is it possible that a boy who lives 6000... 6258.05 miles away to be exact, is able to give me the butterflies?
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