Sunday, August 5, 2012

attraction is a funny thing

ph: margaret durow

it just happened one night
he just walked into my life
the details are fuzzy
a combination of alcohol and tiredness
but he was there, on the street
or rather on his lawn
and it was like he was calling my name
but i didn't know it,
not yet anyway

everything about him draws me in,
his pale green eyes that light up when he smiles
his voice, his arms, his every move.
and that smile that knocks out my fears
everything about him gives me comfort
and falling into his web was out of my control
it was inevitable

attraction is a funny thing that way
no matter how wrong it might be
it clouds your mind, it takes over
and the next thing you know
you're caught
but the worst part is you don't even care
you can pretend to struggle,
pretend to be weak
but the truth is you want to be there
limbs tied down, heart pounding
refusing to move
wanting nothing more than to be trapped there
to be unable to break the spell
and you could care less

that's the way it is with him
i get stuck in his essence
and not a single part of me wants to pull away
i'm perfectly content with being devoured
besides, attempting to resist is pointless,
why try and avoid something that great.
something that makes it hard to speak
something that makes you unable to think
and blush whenever it crosses your mind

so, regardless of how wrong it might be
i think i'm just going to soak it in
i'm going to lay with my head on his chest
while he runs his fingers through my hair
and i'm going to listen to the sound of his heart.
because i can't imagine life without that sound anymore.
its embedded in my brain, and i refuse to let it go.
and i'm okay with that.
its not something i'm going to regret
and its not something i'm willing to give up.

- Troll
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