Friday, June 29, 2012

waking up my butterflies

Let Them Fly
ph: brianoldham

I am a wildflower.

It's been about a month or two now since we talked. Since we talked in our way. We still talk, but only when we are together with our friends. Then it's always in the casual way. We talk then because we have to.

We used to stay up all night and just talk in our way and when I got home, you would always call me and we would be on the phone for hours.
You were all I could think about at some point. Your voice would always make me warm. Your presence would always make me smile and your kiss would always make me shiver.

We knew from the beginning that we would never work. Still, we gave it a chance. Cus, who knew?

But we are the opposite with everything. I am a wildflower and you are a beautiful rose. It would never work. That's why leaving each other was so easy for us. Because we knew that we wasn't meant to be.

But I'd like to thank you for some things. Thank you for waking up my butterflies again. Before you, I hadn't felt them for years. Thank you for making me feel something again, what ever it now was. And thank you for you're wonderful and perfect smell. Some of my clothes still smell like you, no matter how much I'd washed them.

You're perfect and wonderful smell.
You were perfect.

I am not a wildflower anymore.
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