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just have to wait

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I always remind myself true love is out there. I just have to wait for the right time for my time to come. One year after another and yet, I still haven't found anyone. I'm turning 20 soon and sometimes I think it is really a joke. All my friends around me have been in a relationship or even in a relationship now. Often I think I'm the weird one cause I have never have a boyfriend. I always compared myself with my friends and I will end up crying cause no matter in which aspect, they are always better than me. I'm slightly overweight and I think that is why no guys like me. If they really know me well, they will realized I'm actually a very caring, loving and down to earth person.

All I ever want is just a chance to be loved and is that very much to ask for? I hate being the odd one every time I'm out with my friends. Being an Asian, relatives do question me a lot when I'm single and the stress and pressure they are giving is killing me softly. All I want to say is, overweight girls deserves the equal chance as the skinny girls to be loved and loved others as well too.


  1. Instead of praying and hoping that your true love will come to you, why don't you just get off your chair and start working out?

    Speaking for most guys out there: my girlfriend has to be skinnier than me. It really isn't that hard of a requirement.

    Your weight speaks more than how you eat and exercise. It shows how much you care about your health, and how well you can manage yourself in terms of indulgence.

    1. You, little man, sound like a Class A Jack-Hole.

  2. I don't think it has anything to do with weight. When it's the right time, the right man will come into your life. Waiting is the worst part but enjoy life how it is right now, and once you find the man for you, the wait will be worth it. I've always heard the saying to be true: "Dance with God and he will let the perfect man cut in." :)

  3. don't let it stress you out - you are young! you've got your whole life to live

  4. I kind of agree with the first anonymous. I don't have set requirements for what my significant other should weigh. But, I do have to be physically attracted to them. I'm quite active myself, and would love to be able to share many of those activities with a potential girlfriend. I love taking good care of myself, both eating right and exercising often, not just because it's good for me, but because I like doing it! I would want a girlfriend to be at least similar to me on those points, because well, I care about them and I'd want them to be healthy too.

    Also, many people say that looks don't matter, what's underneath does. Partially true -- again, I have to be physically attracted to someone as well as emotionally attracted, or it just won't work right for me.

    Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and I tell myself I can be better than I am right now. It's my inspiration to keep being active, to keep exercising... the results really make you feel good about yourself.

    My question to you would be.. do you feel good about yourself? If yes... then don't worry, the right person will come along. If not though, maybe it's time to change something. Excite yourself. Start something new. You know?

    Just my 2 cents.

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  5. as cliche as it is you can't be loved until you love yourself. so if your body is something your not happy with fix it. i myself am slightly overweight but happy and in my early 20s. over the years there have been boys but never a boyfriend because i never really felt anything. at the beginning of the year i was lucky enough to meet the boy of my dreams and it was actually like love at first sight (vomit). i have never felt so special and have never had so much body confidence so hang in there and you'll find someone who truly loves you for you and everything about you.

  6. A true love/relationship will be based off the internal connection you have with another person. However, attraction is a part of the equation, and it varies. Not everyone finds the same person attractive. I'm in the same boat as you: 20 and never a serious relationship. But you can't amount all your success and awesomeness as a person to the fact that you don't have a boyfriend. You're so young!

    What I'm concerned about is that it sounds like there are insecurities around who you are as a person and what you have to offer, maybe even in the weight department. A relationship will not fix these insecurities, so really take the time you have being single to work on them and do things to make you happier. Preparing yourself and building a strong image will open up your ability to love not just others, but most importantly, yourself. I myself have taken to healthier eating and working out, and it's led to a lot of personal happiness and satisfaction.

  7. You're not alone...

  8. You don't have to lose weight! It doesn't make no one better!!! I have friends this way and they are beautiful, sexy and loved! You'll find someone who cares about who you are and not about your face or body. I'm almost 20 too and never had a boyfriend too, and always think like you, but i'm a really happy person 'cause i know that everything has the right time to happen. So keep calm and be free to be who you are cause there's someone out there who will really love you. I know it's a cliche but we're talking about love :)

  9. The person who loves you won't care about your weight. xox

  10. Hey, i´m turning 23 soon, I´m that skinny girl who you think finds love everywhere, but I´m still alone- have been & I see no changes in near future.

  11. wait!
    Impure women are for impure men and impure men for impure women, and pure women are for pure men and pure men for pure women. [Qur'an-24:25]

  12. I agree with those that are encouraging you to look within yourself.

    You have weight issues, because if you don't then you wouldn't bring it up in the post. Weight issues are strongly tied to health and general well-being. This isn't about whether you skinny yourself to find love, but to take care of yourself and knowing that once the person comes, your ever after isn't marred by health problems, insecurities and other negative things that may trigger difficulties in relationships. If you eat well, feel happy, enhance yourself, you will come to the relationship as a complete person.

  13. I just have to write what's on my mind after reading the comments here. Also I am just a bit overweight, 22 years old, and haven't had a boyfriend. That doesn't mean that I'm worth less, I can't help it but get upset because of what some people write to you. Being overweight doesn't always mean eating unhealthy and sit still all day. I'm out with my friends hiking and working out, but that doesn't change how I look. That's just me, that's just you. If someone isn't happy with that, well, then they are the judging people, the people that's looking down on you because somewhere they feel that they're better than you. My advise, find your happiness and care less about who other people wants you to be! Take care

  14. Those girls deserve to be loved even more than the skinny ones. Cuz they can carry much love, fill all that space with desire, passion, smiles. Just think about it.

  15. You need not worry about finding the true love. You will come across the one for you soon. If you find that weight is an issue, then I am sorry to say that it is just a perception. Why do you not love yourself first and start taking a step towards losing weight. It is good for yourself. I am sorry if I was being rude. you are better off staying single than falling in love and getting your heart broken.

    Do not worry. You will find your soul mate.

  16. True love has absolutely nothing to do with looks. Two years ago I was exactly like you. I was nineteen and I've never had a boyfriend back then. I don't wanna sound arrogant - I got many compliments and I do look okay (gosh I sound arrogant, lol) but the point was, that I didn't accept myself the way I was. I didnt't love myself. I critized myself for everything and I always compared myself to the others. Then I stopped. I had enough, somehow I managed to like myself the way I am. Then I met my exboyfriend with whom I had a relationship. What I'm trying to say, is: start loving yourself and stop comparing!

  17. I understand the longing that you have for a boyfriend, i feel that too. Im also almost 20 but the difference is that im a tall and skinny girl, and i've been told by several that I look good. Still, im in the same situation as you are, I hope that it doesn't have anything to do with my personality cause I believe that im a very loving and down to earth person as well.

    Basically, you being overweight doesn't have anything to do with the chance of being loved. The time will come, I don't know when but it will, and I wish the same thing for me as well.

    All want to say is that we need to stop thinking about the shallow stuff so much, because the person that you will love in the future will not love you because of your looks only, and you wont love him for his looks only. There is so much more than looks when it comes to love and I believe that you won't find love until you believe that yourself.

  18. Hi,

    I am also a slightly overweight girl, and my boyfriend is a little bit more skinnier than me.

    I think you just have to be confident, if you are having low confidence with your weight, then try working out, or being on a low carbo diet.

    I am sure than one day you would be able to find the man of your dreams. I did once ponder if I would ever meet such a man. I did and I wish you all the best and stay confident and keep an open mind and heart. I'm sure God will lead the way.

  19. Wow, it's like reading about myself!

    I just turned 20, I'm slightly overweight (but I'm starting to accept it - try to work it, not hide it!), I've never had a boyfriend or even been remotely close to a relationship. And I hate it.

    But let me tell you something: this weekend I was hit on by a complete stranger, was called pretty (I get cute, never pretty) by another boy, who then hit on me. And you now what? I turned them both down. And I'm proud to say it - I'd do it again. I'll wait for the right guy, even if it takes some time.

    Hang in there, it will happen soon! Be yourself, be happy, it makes you even more beautiful than you can imagine :)

  20. Hey, don't let yourself think that you're single because you're overweight or something like that. Maybe just be confident and open? I'm 19 and I only had 1 boyfriend and it's been a while since that relationship ended. And sometimes I feel like I'll never get a boyfriend again, but I know that's not true.
    And You will find someone who loves you. Every girl thinks that there's something wrong with her, I think. So don't worry, everything will work out well for you. :)

  21. This could've been written by me, it's kind of scary. I'm 23, about to graduate from college and also have never had a boyfriend or even the possibility of sort of having a boyfriend. I'm half Asian, but fortunately don't have the same pressure put on me by my family which can actually hurt too. It's almost like no one ever expects me to find anyone. And as much as it kills me to admit, I have to accept the possibility that I'm just not meant to be with anyone. It's a harsh reality, but not every woman will have that kind of love in her life.

  22. impressing..i've just written an e-mail to le love with quite the same in it ;)
    i'm 19, overweight, but still i think i'm lovely too.
    i've had an amazingly perfect relationsship with a guy who was much skinnier than me. but he didn't care, because he loved me for everything i was. that's how it should be! unfortunately that was a few years ago and i'm single for a really long time now. and i'm asking myself again and again, where is he? is it my fault? i'm longing and looking for my future boyfriend, but he doesn't come along. hope we both find our luck!

  23. Just don't think about the fact you're single, try to forget that and then out of the sudden something good will come to your life. (been there too)
    About your weight, if it bothers you it's up to you to change that.. don't do it for the others just for yourself.
    And come on! You're 20!! All your life is ahead!
    Wear a smile, be positive.
    Don't care about what other people say!
    Miss Starshiny

  24. hello, i just have to say that not matter how you are physically, the most important thing is your soul and heart ( the interior part)! the physically part it's just a mask that all the people have! and overweight it's not a problem, because if is a problem have overweight it's a problem too being skinny ! (; all people born superstar and all the girls born queens , believe! YOU'R A QUEEN, A PERFECT GIRL!

    i like a lot your blog! i'm following about one month, and i just love it .

    i hope i didn't give too much errors on the message, it's that i'm portuguese and you know, my english isn't perfect !

    kisses, and if you want to see my blog you just have to translate xDDDD

  25. Hey girl, i just wanted to tell you that it has nothing to do with weight.
    I'm like you, 20 years old, i know that boys find me beautiful, i'm skinny and tall and all that stuff but i've never had a boyfriend.
    I think it's about confidence, i'm not confident, even if people, friends and family tell me i'm beautiful, i still don't love myself. I know i have to work on this because who can love you if you don't love yourself, right ? :)
    I'm sure you're a beautiful girl and you have a beautiful heart, so please think about that everyday, start taking care of your body, your hair, your nails, buy some new clothes and try to work out.
    I notice that when i run i feel better, you don't have to run, you can walk fast or do any kind of exercise like cleaning or anything. Just don't let yourself down, and too much time to think is never good :)
    Take care beautiful <3

  26. hey sweet girl. I just want to say that your weight is not what pushes guys away but your confidence ,because I to am a curvier girl and I have had a few guys , and one of them was way taller and skinner then me but we still connected. It is about having that connection , I am 24 I have been single now for nearlly two years , what I will say is be careful about showing your weakness's to guys some.. not all but some will play on it.. There is love for everyone out there I thought because I was engaged he was my one but no broke my heart, don't be desperate to go with any guys .Do the things you love and yer excercise is good I am off the gym on the gym lol but for me I hate routine ... anyway I am going and on . wait for him believe he is out there.. and hey maybe the universe is waiting till you are stronger and learn to love who you are right now .. chin up sweet girl and hey your 20 go have fun crazy fun .. love will come xox .. there is this awesome book I am reading .Love will find you by Kathryn Alice, I have not finished but all I can say it talks about our insecurities and that if we call out to our soulmate truly believe he is out there they will come..
    Anyway peace love and Happiness

  27. I agree with all the encouragements your getting! I've spoken to a lot of guys and they say what attracts them to a girl, is her confidence. If you walk in, loving yourself, loving your body, and flaunting what you got, THIS will attract a guy to come and talk to you, because you need to exert positive energy to attain positive energy. Keep working on yourself, love your curves and flaunt them. Be yourself. Every guy is different and has different opinions and attractions. I've actually lost some weight recently, and my boyfriend keeps asking me to gain it back! lol, so hang in there, the right guy will come, you can bet on it. You're young, embrace it, and first of all learn to love yourself.

    Take care!

  28. Let me tell you losing weight may or may not change anything...i was not skinny but i wasn't fat and i lost about 30lbs and I'm skinny and yes i feel confident sometimes but its a process and I'm still working on it. what I'm trying to say is when love come it will come i've never been in love or had a bf but i promise myself this summer I'm dedicated to falling in love with myself and w/e happens along the way great but I'm what's most important then i can worry about loving someone else. love will find its way to you somewhere along the way. ;)

  29. I am too overweight and I've been waiting for the right person too. But what really matters is that one should be fit and healthy. Being overweight doesnt implies that one is obese and keep hogging throughout the day. I'm a foodie and I enjoy food.
    The point is one should be able to enjoy life. Being a fashion student, I truly believe looks doesn't totally depend upon one's figure. It also relates to style which comes from self confidence and the way we carry ourselves. Yes we also deserve an equal chance of being loved and cared but so does the guys when it comes to choosing a partner. We can't change their point of view nor can we afford to depress ourselves and lose our self morale.

    So please dont be sad and start working out. Perhaps, you might find someone out there in the gym! ;)

  30. It will happen when you least expect it. I was worried as hell to that I would never find someone but then somehow I met the greatest guy in the weirdest place. The thing is you just have to be patient, and love yourself first. I got a bit angry with the first post saying they all want skinny girls. That's not true. Be who you are and love yourself and you will find someone who'll love you for the same reason. :)


  31. this sounds like me, 10 years ago. I met my first boyfriend at 21, and all through high school and college, I felt the same exact way. I thought boys didn't like me because I wasn't skinny, or blonde, or popular. I promise you, boys love us just the way we are. it's really hard to believe that, but it's true. be confident in who you are, because there is no one in the world like you. mostly, I just want to you to know that you are not weird. you are beautiful. and one day, someone will see all that is within in you and love you for who you are -- the gorgeous girl with the kind heart and sparkling soul. you will find that person, and he will find you. I promise.

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  34. Weight is not your problem yourself first so that others will love you ..i know there are many skinny girls who are single who may want what the over weight girl has ..which is a cute will come for you,you just have to love yourself first,know your worth ,and what you deserve..anddont try so hard to search for it..the more you search the harder itll seem to find


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