Thursday, May 3, 2012

five happiest moments in life

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Today we were discussing moments in life, instants that you remember being supremely happy during. You claimed that your top five best life moments are sports related. Watching your team win the World Series or Superbowl. I replied that I thought that was a little sad, that when you step away from those moments you actually have nothing to do with them. You agreed in principle, but then claimed that life doesn’t actually occur in instants like that. You can like your friends and family, you can have unbelievably happy nights, but there aren’t real moments in life like there are in sports, you argued. This conversation was several hours ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I think there are instants like that in life, and all of mine were with you. Here’s my list of five happiest moments in life:

1. The first time we kissed after a year of being apart. It felt so comfortable and magnetic, like we needed to stay like that forever.

2. The moment I realized I love you. You had just gotten back from a month long trip that you cut short because you missed me. I was sitting crossed legged on your bed wearing your silly fleece hat and watching you unpack. I realized that I physically couldn’t stop grinning. I was so ecstatically happy.

3. The first time you blew on the back of my neck and realized that it made me giggle.

4. The time we lay in your bed and watched the thunderstorm through your skylight, and you reached over and held my hand.

5. The time you revealed your biggest secret to me, and I realized that you’d never told anyone before. You really did trust me.

Maybe, now, it’s time to move on. We don’t live in the same place anymore. You don’t even think about me when you think about the happiest times of your life. Instead, you’re thinking about the year the Rams were the best show on turf. I know I’ll always love you, but maybe it’s time for me to learn how to love other people as well. I want to be with someone that has the confidence to tell me he loves me. You and I have never been in that place at the same time.

Thanks for the memories, S.


  1. I really liked this post. It's sweet and reminiscent but strong. Good for you-to hold onto the moment but also look forward. Love is important that way. I saved this one, and I wish you the best! It may not seem like it today, but keep believing you'll feel that way again.

    -A fellow girl whose name starts with "S"

  2. I don’t think his happy moment is sad; I actually agree with him and I can relate 100%.

    It was a nice post, but no offence, I think it’s a little sad that your top 5 happiest moments were all with a guy. Be a little independent.

  3. I think the more poignant points are the moments that will stay with you until you are old, wise and aged. How many moments can we truly say will never,ever go away? How many moments can you still smell, taste, hear, years later?

    -Lodon bridge. One tiny, infinite, devastating second. I realised both that you were irrevocably in love with me, and that I could never love you.
    -The moment we gave ourselves that crushing hope. The walls dropped briefly, only to be put back up taller, stronger and meaner than ever.
    -"I'm happy" "As am I" We finally made it, young and awkward. My fingers hooked in your shirt, I kissed you.
    -You showed me the beauty of the sea. Trees lined the road and, for once, I threw away perspective and only saw you.
    -You taught me darkness. The first moment I felt pain, and revelled in it. You've never left my dreams. You're my living ghost, and will be until the day I die, stranger.

  4. That's so bittersweet... I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you S. It really takes a strong person to walk away from a relationship with someone whom they have loved for so long. *hugs*

  5. very sweet. very strong. you are the type of person to find happiness wherever you go. good for you, best of luck, and keep loving :)



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  7. I kind of understand both sides. Yes, I think it's a little sad that all of his happiest moments were about sport and didn't include you but I also understand the other side (the one from an outsider) that it's also a little sad that all of your happiest moments were with a(the same) guy.
    Though I completely understand, 'cause those moments with a guy were also one of the happiest moments in MY life.

  8. "I was sitting crossed legged on your bed wearing your silly fleece hat and watching you unpack. I realized that I physically couldn’t stop grinning. I was so ecstatically happy. "

    I understand this feeling. My boyfriend was away for a month in Europe with his friend and i met up with him at the railstation 6 o'clock in the morning. We went to his home and i tried on his silly red fleece hat he had bought in France, while i watched him unpack his bag. I couldn't stop smiling. I realized i really did live him.

  9. Beautifully written. Makes me somewhat sad..

  10. I love the story. Maybe you will be together again, maybe not. but it is wonderful to have someone give you such wonderful moments. Also, maybe he does care for you. Only having your best moments via sports seems almost like he is hiding from the real moments that have REAL meaning in his life. I think maybe he is a little immature at this point in his life. But either way I wish all the best and many more lovely moments to fill your life with important people. And I personally hope for your #1.... to get to kiss the man I love after being apart for so long. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. This post is heartbreaking because I know exactly how you feel. Yet at the same time, I feel hopeful for the very same reason. We're not alone! I've always believed that love finds you when you're least expecting it. And when that person tells you they love you, it will be that much sweeter. Thanks for sharing! <3

  12. this is amazing. you are amazing.

  13. it seems very strong and also sweet. love.
    in my life there's this situation.. probably those aren't the best moments of my life.. I'm too young to say that.. but I can say that in these last months there are moments I'll never ever forget! <3
    kiss from meeresgrund

  14. *thanks for the memories.

    heartstrings pulled hard. thanks for this.

  15. I am missing her so much. My previous time with her really was great. I can forget all those things that made me happy. I still love her and will love for ever. I don't want to see her again since it will make me excited and result in I will get pain when I will see her with not me. Still I love her and will love for ever.

  16. One person had said it is sad that all your happiest moments were with that guy.. But you know what, I am not agreed with that person! I am really happy for you to have those moments in life! Personally I think a life-long love is wonderful, but as long as you had fallen deeply, truly, passionately in love, you have enough!! Regardless how long that romance has lasted! One day you may or may not fall in love as deeply as this one, but we should all be grateful for the one we had!! Best wishes!!

  17. Any body who tell me what is loved


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