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Despite the cheating, lies and the way things didn't work out, I still love you for who you are, and whether you willingly admit it, I know there is a place in your heart for me. You lock it away and sometimes disregard it, its not enough to reject other women by, but it's enough to remember me by. Even though I'm not always there, and the intricate hardships that complicate my life, are not your burden to carry. I feel like you see my pain, and have a subtle yet distinct way of loving me, which brightens my day when I'm feeling low. You warm my heart when you tell me I am beautiful, and although it's not openly said, their is a kind of love that ties us together, but equally drags us apart. It's a safe kind of love, one that can be intercepted or temporarily forgotten. But that can always be redeemed and replenished. You are a beautiful mistake to me, and I know you think I don't see it. Your beauty and kind soul, but I see it more than anyone. And feel like you have the right to know. I never am open about my thoughts and the things that I keep locked away, are often for good reasons. But you are that beautiful someone, who to me, despite relationships, distractions or consequence, have a place in my heart, and I love you for the person that you are. I won't ever ask for your forever, or even a functional relationship. You and I work differently to that, and at the moment, at this stage in life, where we both are, it somehow works. Amongst the mess of uncomplicating everything that is thrown at us, we are eternally together. And if for some reason, if one day you do meet that someone who fulfills you, and I am replaced, At least I told you what was real for me and all your worth. I will regret missing you.


  1. It's beautiful, and a nice thought, but not realistic. He will meet someone he could truly be with, and you will soon be forgotten. My current love and boyfriend has a CRAZY EX- girlfriend (of course she is, she's an actress). She believes he will always have a special place for her, but when we talk, he tells me what a mistake she was. Point is, when he meets the love of his life, all the girls he used to love will be forgotten as 'the past'.

  2. Hey, you know, maybe you shouldn't feel like letting him go if you two do feel that way. Loosing someone you love is really one of the worst things. Try. I don't know how in your circumstance but try. Maybe today it doesn't work out but maybe tomorrow, or in a week, etc. , maybe you will be ready for each other. Forever happens day by day. Everything has a season maybe yours is yet to come. Best of luck and love. :)

  3. This speaks to me more than you will know...


  4. Good afternoon.
    liked your way of loving but did not like to wait passively. Want some advice? Do not expect the fight ... Go! Do not give him time to forget once.
    And you know what I think? è that he is waiting for you too ... and much love!
    Get out there, do not be passive.

  5. I can relate. Sometimes, loving someone means you have to let them go. If they come back, thats how you know it's true love.

  6. I want to thank you for sharing this story. It bescribes every feeling between me and my boyfriend. It's relieving that someone can put it into words when you can't. And i can speak for my boyfriend too when I'm saying that this is exaclty how our relationship is. I reconize those feelings in my boyfriend. I can see his pain, but he has never talked about the hardsips and complications he's going through right now, because he thinks that they are not my burden to carry. I wish he could put it into those words and say it to me. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this story.

  7. Hello
    - You describe a so beautiful your feelings ...
    their stories move me ...
    I admire you and wish you every happiness in the world because you are a very sensitive person and a way to feel absolutely wonderful.
    Parbéns. Keep sharing your stories. I love

  8. this is beautifully written.

  9. I´ve the feeling you could be the person I love- This person never says what he means and even through I know him already 2 years, I still can´t say if he´s just shy or.... I just don´t know^^
    I understand your opinion of letting go, but to tell the truth I´ve a twisted one ;

    1. Shouldn´t you keep fighting for your love ? Shouldn´t you just want to be next to him forever...

    But 2. If you really and with asll your heard love him, maybe, you should let him go...
    Maybe if you´re sure, that you can´t make him as happy as someone else.
    I don´t know yet and that´s what has been on my mind for a long time now...

    Sorry >_< Whatever, just find your way of love and know, that I hope you become happy !


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