Sunday, March 18, 2012

if he only knew

leah goetzel,
ph: leah goetzel

I've never kissed him. Ever. And that's the kind of punishment I deserve or being afraid. Oh if only knew how many times I've imagined that kiss.

We were so perfect together, I know. It's just the distance that separated us. The distance and us not being prepared for this. I've never wanted that kind of relationship..a long distance relationship. But we had it for a few months. Now... it's just pieces of our broken hearts and ashes. I'm doing my best to move on, but I don't know how to do this. How am I supposed to be strong and self-supportive, when I'm dying on the inside?

How am I supposed to get over it when I feel him dying on the inside every time I hear his voice on the phone?

And I tried.. I tried so damn hard not to answer his phone calls, not to pay that much attention to his text messages. Not to let this break-up tear me apart. But I can't.

If he only knew how much I want to kiss him.



  1. So kiss him baby

  2. Maybe you should tell him. Trust me being even a day too late, or in my case three weeks too late, is something you just CAN'T get over. You might feel self-conscience but that is nothing compared to what you may feel not being able to ever hold him again. Especially, if feels for you. It's worth it.

  3. I'm sorry to say that... But if you two really loved each other, the distance would not ruin your relationship. Love conquers all.

  4. What are you waiting for? Book a flight, take a train or a bus! Go, find yourself, run to your love. Distance is relative, when you truly love someone there's no distance, because there's no distance in true love. Sometimes it's hard, but if you really want to end up together, one of you have to move for the city, in the name of love, in the name of the hapiness you two hope to find in life! I just need to feel each other! Don't give up on true love, it doesn't appear every corner, if it's love, fight, be supportive for you, for him, for both. He'll be there if he truly love you, sometimes people have difficulties to see love clearly and you have to be a strong woman and show it, embrace it!

  5. You just need to feel each other!*

  6. I've never kissed my boy either. He leaves 4 hours away with plane.. But I want this, and I will never give up on him. Trust me, it will be worth it. Next year I'm moving till where he lives. And we're both doing out very best to make it work. Don't give up. I'm 100% sure it will be a lot easier after you have had physical contact :)

  7. Or maybe you will do what i did and fuck everything up. tell him how you feel, make sure you feel it to and stay away from stupid things i my tip!


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