Friday, February 10, 2012

all the best

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Distance, time and careers. The three things that crush relationships. Everything is always bad timing. We make excuses, it's too hard, it's too much, it doesn't fit.

We lived in the same place for a year and a half without knowing each other. You moved away,
and I met you two weeks later. Bad timing. You live in a city so far away. Distance. We're both only beginning. You barely have time to eat, and I'm overwhelmed as well. Careers.

We're strangers.
But boy, I shout my pride from the rooftops. You're making your dreams come true, and it is so much harder than you expected, but you're there. And you're incredible at it. I am proud that I can call you a friend, your loyalty shines through with every word you say. Your understanding, your curiosity, your empathy. You touch every person that you meet, you're someone that can't be ignored. I am proud to say that we fell for each other. I fell for you. And that doesn't happen. I am proud to say I fell for someone like you.

But it's too hard, it's too much, it doesn't fit.

Our lives don't fit. They cant, that's the simple truth. I wanted, so badly to fight for us, but I'm exhausted. You're moving away again, leaving the country. And so am I, a different country. I just wish we could have just admitted it; we would have fallen in love given half the chance.

So, best wishes all around, of course. And we'll exchange pleasantries and move on. I'll carry on making stupid mistakes, refusing to be vulnerable, and you'll probably fall in love. She'll be wonderful. She'll be perfect. She'll fit. I'll look back and wonder if you remember me. In years to come I might think about what could have been, then put it to the back of my mind. Hey, its the past. Move on. So thank you, and goodbye. All the best.

I wonder which memory of you will stay with me, there are so few.


  1. We all feel a pain like yours - longing, wondering, wanting.
    I know where you're coming from and fuck yeah it hurts cause there will always be that someone you could've been with 'if only things were different'.
    But we move on,
    Because we have to.

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  3. We do have to move on, girl. We just have to. Life doesn't wait! :)

  4. "Distance, time and careers. The three things that crush relationships."

  5. If you were meant to be it wouldn't be hard.

  6. this is suffering, longing, devastation, wishing, dreaming, believing, hoping,; at its worst, its best.


    Tennisspelaren klagar på små bloggare?! Vad skall de mindre bloggarna säga om det här? Första kändisbloggaren som blir arg på småbloggare!

    ---> <---

  8. Find time I've ever commented despite being a long time reader. Loved every word of this. Wish you'd write a book.

  9. i'm going through a similar experience. thank you for this.

  10. Beautiful, and so true.

  11. you never know where life will take and what chances the fate will throw at you. But the yearning and tragedy come from conflicting dreams..the inability to balance conflicting desires of giving up one's dreams and ambitions to follow the other. The internal conflict is what one needs to rationalize one's motives, ambitions, desires, capabilities to find peace..

  12. I always enjoy reading your blog

    I tagged you on my blog because I made a post about my lil`love problem.

    hope you can read it xoxo

    my love post

  13. "Our lives don't fit. They cant, that's the simple truth. I wanted, so badly to fight for us, but I'm exhausted."
    Only too true </3

  14. thank you for this.
    i'm going through a similar thing. so many obstacles of time and distance with someone who seems perfect... but i guess if there are so many things that seem to be in the way then it is not meant to me.


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