Saturday, November 26, 2011


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Sometimes it feels like a stick is squeezed between my collarbones, firm but gently, and a dull ache spreads all over my upper chest and throat. It can happen at any time and place, often when I am alone, though it occurs around other people as well. It feels like I am crackling from the inside, my breathing gets weaker, all of my muscles stiffens, my stomach turns and a chronic weariness rolls along. All I want to do is to crawl under my bed cover and pretend that a new ice age has arrived.

Sometimes is now, thank god, just sometimes.


Sometimes I miss us, and what we could have become if grew along, not apart.

S, (sleepless) Sweden


  1. Your sometimes is still my all the time...

    I feel like I am crying, or sobbing, but my eyes are dry...

    They are dry because I knew he was never mine to begin with and we were just playing house till the one he loved came back to him...

    They are dry because I have been preparing for a year and a half for this feeling and had gotten so used to holding in my true feelings for him that now I don't know how to let them out...

  2. been there :(
    it gets better, promise.

  3. Awww poor Skylar :( Im sure it'll get better, it will just take a lot of time. Before you know it, a man or woman, will come to your rescue.

    @ the story, wow, that sounds so . . . so painful, i hope you get better soon and find someone who will make your days better.

  4. I love your blog, truly! U made my day better. U write about everything that i have deep deep in my heart, really inspiring.
    I have a blog too, it's in Polish but you can translate, visit me sometimes, i will be grateful.
    Love xx

  5. Why do sometimes never go away?! =(

  6. Yup. I am here right now. I just texted my friend this "I'm finding myself panicking. My heart is beating faster...I'm jittery...and out of breath. I cannot believe I have to walk away from him."
    Today I am putting my hope in the fact that this can only get better over time and hopefully eventually it won't hurt this badly.

    And yes thank God its just sometimes.

  7. Your sometimes sounds just like Bella when she was having her vampire child.

  8. Agh... You only put out texts tuff from people who comes from Sweden and its fucking ANNOYING!! I'm from Sweden and it would be nice if their were somebody els who wrote the text sometimes. Because why the hell don't we just write in Swedish then( Idioter...

  9. Been there before and it's horrible. I hate drifting apart.

    Cute blog!xx

  10. This is so real and raw and I know it too and I'm sorry

  11. sometimes i still can't believe it. i miss him tremendously but more than anything i just want to let go now...

    xoxo i hope the "sometimes" turn into "rarely" and to eventually "never"

  12. Om du vill skriva av dig på svenska så finns en svensk leloveimage-aktig blogg,!



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