Monday, January 10, 2011

you can't make someone love you


His hair, falls perfectly without him trying. His eyes, shine perfectly when he’s smiling. He took my perfume, sprayed it on himself and said, “so I can smell of you”. I melted. I never really wanted to think I was in love with him, I just thought I want what I cant have, but no, now I know without a shadow of a doubt. I’m in love with him, and if it’s possible to love someone more everyday, I love him more everyday. I hate him. I hate him so much, I loathe his being. And yet I cant help myself, i'm like putty in his hands, I want to hug him, kiss him, hold his hand, I want to feel the beat of his heart, his warm touch next to mine. And yet all of these things are impossible. For now. I’ve set myself a goal, I’m not going to give up without a fight. I know that at least if I don’t give up, I will be able to accept defeat if the time comes, if I try my very hardest. But I know that in the end, you can't make someone love you. So I’ll wait. Always.
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