Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this one goes out to all the best friends


It's a different type of love, and maybe we all need a break from the achey, sweet love that comes with romance, the kind that excludes the rest of the world, the kind that's limited only to you and him / her.

So this one goes out to all the best friends in the world. The ones that smile for you when you excitedly fall in love with some new, unknown boy. The ones that sit through a pack of cigarettes with you at two to five in the morning listening to you cry about said boy who cheated on you even though they've got to be up at six for work. The ones that take time off work / school just for a little naughty afternoon shopping and eating on weekday. The ones who drag you to social events just to distract you from a broken heart. The ones who respond to every facebook, every twitter status update, just so you don't feel so alone and ignored. The ones who recognize you have a right to feel as shitty as you do about the boy who hurt you even though they'd spent the last two years telling you he was nothing but trash, the ones who don't tell you you're a fool, the ones who tell you you've a right to hurt. Because they're also the ones who have the strength and the love enough to tell you to snap out of it, that he was never worth it, because they're also the ones who have the courage to be honest enough to tell you you'd be a fool to take the manipulative creep back. The ones who bombard his messenger account with warnings to leave you alone, the ones who tell him behind your back to leave you well and alone, to stop messing with your mind when he's already with someone else. The ones who introduce you to new and wonderfully normal and loving boys.

This one also goes out to all the best other-gender best friends in the world. The ones that pick you up late at night for supper, just to take you out of your head. The ones that show you not all the men in the world are screw-ups and traitors, the ones that help you believe that good people still exist in the world. The ones you can laugh with without wanting to kiss, the ones who can give you that insight into that boy's soul you've been dying to know. The ones who swear they'll beat up / get the triads to beat up the poor sod who had the poor judgment to cheat on someone as wonderful and incredible as you even though it's the first night they've met you. This one goes out to all the incredible best other-gender best friends in the world who stuck around even when you abandoned them because your possessive ex-boyfriend went loco every time you even spoke to them. The ones that love you exactly the way you are, the ones that don't mind you snuggling against them just for a warm body without asking for anything more, the ones that come all the way down to the club from home just to drive you home, the ones that cry with you when you sit in your darkness wondering what you've done to deserve such betrayal from the one boy you'd give anything for. The ones that hurt with you when you're drowning in your darkness, the ones that hurt because they see your pain and can't do anything to touch you, to help you.

Friends never betray each other. We fight, sometimes. We disagree. We laugh at each other. But friends, friends are something else altogether. Friends are God's way of saying: here, I know it's tough trying to find your soulmate, but here are some other people you know for sure you can count on forever. They're like family, but better because they love you without the moral obligation attached.

I see you, my lovable friends. And I love you. This is my apology, for doing what I did to our friendships, and this is my way of reminding the world that there is more love in the world that what exists between some guy and a girl.

I love you, my best friends. More than I ever loved him. I promise.


  1. truly amazing!
    toasts to all the best friends!
    thanks for everything!!! (:


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  2. so so so true! amazing piece of writing! :)

  3. amazing....
    I think this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, except from my best friend <3

  4. So true.. It's beautiful what friends actually do for you and how they stand by your side all the time without ever hesitating! The part about the guy-girl friendship made me so happy, I moved to london in september and had a difficult time finding one of those relationships.. All guys are interested in are different thing but I found my friend now, he takes care of me, listens to me talk talk and talk, we go crazy together and dance all night, i listen to him when he talks talks and talks and while doing this we know that there is nothing or anything that will be interpreted in a wrong way when we hug each other or when we talk. I love him

  5. Beautiful writing. One time a man wrote a comment on Tumblr and cannot find it, so I re look at his photo to appreciate his kindness.

  6. This site is no longer about love, its about hatred...

    L<3L FOREVER...

  7. why cant a friend be a soulmate? why look for romantic love when u get the best love from ur friends?

  8. This is awesome. It makes me love and cherish my best friendships even more :)

  9. this is so cute, so amazing... i love every one word. <3

  10. so true. Love this. Hope your friends read it

  11. Absolutely brilliant and so true. Thank you for writing this. Makes me appreciate the friends in my life

  12. I treasure dear friends, new ones and especially the old ones that have stuck by me for years. Cheers for such a meaningful post.

  13. just love! can't found words for how perfect this text was

  14. Wow, this one almost made me cry. One of the best posts ever written on Le Love! Thank you for making me realise I really do have the best friends in the world, who stood by me even when I was too blindly in love to appreciate them.

  15. i absolutely love this text. love it!

  16. "Friends are God's way of saying: here, I know it's tough trying to find your soulmate, but here are some other people you know for sure you can count on forever. They're like family, but better because they love you without the moral obligation attached."

    So true and nice! I like you style and i ust can agree with you!

  17. I miss my best friend so much.

  18. best friends always come back to you.
    no matter what.

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  20. Cant a Guy have one bad night? ;P


  21. awww i love this!


  22. This is beautiful. Too often we let only heart-racing, tummy-churning and knee-buckling love that exists between some guy and a girl take centrestage but love between friends deserves its spotlight too. Because ultimately, like you said, they're the one who'll be there for you when you're at your lowest, the ones who have been with you through the toughest spots and the ones who will continue to stand by you through it all :)

    Loved this piece! <3


  23. So completely true! I would be nothing without my friends, don't even know if I could live without them. This really shows what everyone should have the joy to feel, true friendship :)
    Thank you for sharing it, made me really happy reading and now I'm thinking about all my beautiful friends with hearts of gold. Thanks for reminding me of that they're so great! :D

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  25. ough, made my eyes go wet...
    it´s so true...
    and i´m really sorry. betrayal is something, nobody should know how it feels like...
    seems like you´re a wonderful person, especially after reading the last post... he didn´t deserve you.
    lots of love from me,
    everything´s gonna be alright :)


  26. I love my best guy friend of 10 years and still growing strong. :)


  27. my best friend passed away at the beginning of this year. sometimes i feel guilty for not being the friend i should have, sometimes joyful for those amazing moments shared, often I giggle at those things we said and did but always sadness.I wish you could be here, making the difference you and I wanted, doing all those incredible things that you were going to do. This is not to diminish what you already achieved in your life because that in itself was astounding, I love and miss you, but I promise for you I will be radical. x x

    appreciate and love your friends. please. x

  28. I love u my best friend :)

  29. I do not think we can always be there for each other... a picture with the wig? I really do not think I will ever find the writing or the person who wrote it.

  30. loved this. i have the best friends in the world... in the universe... in the galaxy


  31. that's beautiful and so true!

  32. so are you and i love you, too!


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