Thursday, October 28, 2010

you don't want us.


I had just found out my boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me when I was on vacation. I came home only to find heartbreak, but then you appeared.

You had always been there, just kinda in the corner, and I never gave you much thought. But now, suddenly you were the one person who could get me out of the mess I had fallen into. Talking to you became the best part of my day, and I began to forget what life was like without you. Then your girlfriend broke up with you, and suddenly I realized I loved you.

A month passed, finally that fateful August night we went on our first official date, and after that night you were mine. We never skipped a beat, there was never that awkward first phase. I remember when you asked and I said yes, and you said, "No way." As if you thought you didn't have a chance.

The fall came, every day got better and better. You told me you loved me when we were laying on the couch. You were shy, but I wanted to say it too. We each drew the letters on eachothers arms. I drew an "I" you drew a "L" I drew an "O." And thats how we said it, together. I was in over my head.

For christmas, we went to New York. We waited in line for two hours to go ice skating, but it was all worth it. You told me you already knew how you were going to propose, you had our life planned. Later that night, we went to Central Park, you shyly gave me a bracelet with our initials engraved in a heart. It was the sweetest gift I have ever received.

The months were going by, but all I could focus on was you. You were my world, you were absolutely everything. You would sing to me, and write me notes. When you held me, I didn't want to be anywhere else. You called me perfect, and I told you that you were wrong. But I loved every second. I loved you, I adored you with all my heart. It took everything to learn how to trust again, but you brought me back to life. I owe you everything for that.

April came, prom was around the corner. I remember every second of that Saturday night in excruciating detail. I went to your house, we went down to the basement. You put in a movie and we laid down on the futon. You told me about your dad. I cried in fear of losing you, of you getting hurt again. I held on to you and said I couldn't imagine my life without you. How could I not have known that that night was our last one? If I knew, I would have held tighter, and begged you not to leave. I wouldn't have left if I knew.

That week you went out west to visit a college. That Thursday was 8 months. The entire week, you told me you missed me, you loved me, you couldn't wait to come home to see me again.

Friday. You changed your status on Facebook to single. I became frantic, calling you, thinking it was a mistake or some silly joke. We were so good. So so so good. There would be no reason to lose us. To take everything we built together and throw it away.
But it wasn't a mistake. You said "I just want to be single."

That's it. That's the explanation I got. There was no more, no less. You told me I had nothing to do with it, how could I not have everything to do with it. You just want to be single, you don't want me. You don't want us.

But we were perfect. I can't get over you, I miss you. My heart breaks every time I think about you.

I dream about you, just to wake up to realize you're gone.

I still love you.

Why did you have to absolutely destroy me.
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