Friday, October 8, 2010

you are mine


I met you. It was a strange sort of way too. I had been working at a supermarket for the summer and it closed down, but the employees were moved to a new store just across the road. For me, it wasn't a life long kind of job, just a typical summer gig, so i almost half considered not even taking up the offer. But i did. It's situations like these that make you recognize fate's existence. I noticed you before any other boy. You were one of the first ones to reach out to me as the new girl. You had the funniest personality i had ever encountered and i looked forward to working those late night midnight shifts with you that we hardly ever got together, but i loved them as long as you kept me company. Your smile was perfect and you had the prettiest green eyes i had ever seen. You were perfect. And while we grew close as friends, you had such a huge wall built up it was near impossible to break it down. And after hearing from so many people that were close to you that you weren't exactly the "relationship kind of guy", i gave up.

I hurt you. I kept you strapped in and stuck on my emotional roller coaster from heartbreak hell. And i hated myself for it. It turned out that you liked me, but you were too late. I had already started something with my ex, so we stayed friends. When my ex and I fell apart, you listened to me cry for hours on the phone and all the horrible stories of my pathetic attempts at trying to understand what went wrong with my past relationship. You were there for me always, and it killed you, i know it did even though you never said a word about it then. You just stood by and tried to pick up the pieces with me. We continued where we left off and i came home for the holidays. It seemed like everything was going good, but my heart still belonged to someone else and as much as i wanted to give it to you, i just couldn't. I was so broken and it just wasn't fair to you. I held onto you because i didn't want to lose you. I had feelings for you, i just wasn't ready to give you all of me, and you were ready to give me all of you. You showed up at my apartment at school, three hours away, on Valentines Day like some perfect movie boy because after all, this stuff only happens in movies, right? Your type of guy isn't real, and certainly wasn't what i was used to. And in that moment, i knew i couldn't hurt you anymore. I had to let you go, for your own happiness.

I missed you. In between the months that we didn't talk, i met other guys, and even though they may have filled the empty void in my bed for the night, they didn't fill what i knew was missing. No one else was like you. No one made me laugh like you did, no one could get as close to me as you did, no one had a smile as pretty as yours, or a heart as big as yours. Nothing came close. I missed you- so, so much. I'd see other girls write on your wall on facebook and i'd wonder if you still cared about me or if you were moving on- if you had found someone else. I knew that letting you go was the right thing to do, but it hurt so bad. I knew keeping you around until i was ready would have been so unfair, but i wanted you, one day. So the summer i came home from school, i started talking to you again, like nothing happened hoping that something would. We hung out again and you let me back into your life. I texted you one night and brought up how i thought i still had feelings for you and you dismissed it, saying you thought we'd be better off just staying friends. That hurt so bad and it scared me, but still, i hurt you, so i had to respect that. We kept it simple in between and did our own thing, until we hung out that night. Twenty-one years old and we both sat on a bench in a playground, just talking about everything. And that's when you gave in and we both agreed to be together but not really together, and just see how things went. I finally felt like i had you back, even if it was for a little.

I loved you. It was different this time around. We spent every single day together and i never got sick of you, i only wanted more. We went out, we took little roadtrips, we held hands, we stayed in, we fought, we kissed, we forgave, we stayed up late, we talked, we cried, we laughed, we yelled, we met new people, and everything in between. And in that time, i fell in love with you. I fell so crazy, ridiculously in love with you. That's when i knew, i couldn't let you go again. I had to keep you.

I have you. Not always, not as much as i want to, but you're mine. I'm three hours away from you at school, and you're three hours away from me back home, and the distance keeps us apart but there's not a second during the day that slips by without you being on my mind. And even now, as i sit on my bed, in a t shirt that still smells like you from our hug goodbye this morning, typing this story, when i should be doing my homework- i'm thinking of you. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. You showed me something new and something beautiful. I never thought i would ever feel this way about someone again, i figured i'd just always settle. But you proved everything i've ever thought, wrong. I miss you so much when you aren't with me, but i live for the weekends that i know i'll get to see you. I hate seeing other couples on campus, holding hands and doing everything that they probably take for granted together, but i'd rather go crazy over distance with you than have it easy with anyone else. I hate myself for our past and what i put you through, but i don't think i'd love you as much if we didn't go through what we did. You really are my best friend, above all, and i fall more in love with you every time i pick up the phone and you're on the other end, or when you pop up in my little skype box, and most of all when you get out of your car and i stop missing you because you're finally right in front of me. I'm not going anywhere and i'll never let you go again. Distance is hard, but we've been through worse. I hope this is it, because i honestly can't ever see myself finding someone better for me. You are mine.

- K.


  1. Seem that there are loves and loves. Some are fast and you little miss them. Others seem to be going fast, but they stay and stay and stay and someday you will end up returning to them.I think I'll make a promise:
    I will never erase the phone of a girl from my cell or delete her name from my msn because, in the end, it seems that you never know with whom you will stay. I think this story says this to me

  2. Beautifully written. You two are destined to be at the end of each others happiness. True Love

    I hope one day I will find the same feeling; were I know that they are the one and they 'can be mne'.


  3. Ohmy, what a beautiful story!! Got chills in the end!

  4. Our story has something in common, only yours had a happy ending, i wish you the best.

  5. You are so lucky, I wish this kind of love comes my way.

  6. Thinspired to be UNLIKE U!October 9, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    wow now i KNOW why you can't find love...


    the obvious PROOF-

  7. I loved your story! I hope you'll stay together forever and always. <3

  8. So beautiful. That kind of love isn't found often, so please, hold on tight and love each others more than you could ever imagine. Wish you all my best.

  9. That could be me .. but without that happy ending :( But maybe I should just give it a try again - like you did?
    I wish you all the best <3

  10. is he fat too?

  11. the first song on here. listen and read the story. trust me

  12. to me it seems like you're taking this boy for granted. maybe im wrong, maybe im not. neither way just don't, okay?

  13. The last paragraph is my life right now, and I love you for writing it. "I have you. Not as much as i want to, but you're mine."
    That's perfect.

  14. "I have you. Not always, not as much as i want to, but you're mine." Gooooooosebumps !!! i wish i had that.. this guy who owns my heart ain't mine at all anymore. miss him.

  15. this is so beautifully written, one of the best stories i've read in a long time. i think it's because this hits so close to home.

  16. 'i'd rather go crazy over distance with you than have it easy with anyone else'

    lovely. exactly.

  17. wow!!! beautifull..this is crazy as i read this i felt it was me writing...this is also something i've been fighting with and been hard but slowly succeeding

  18. Strange how I found this blog. I was googling a stanza from own of my poems.

    It's a really interesting story. I wish I could say I was in your same situation, but the 3 hours between you and him are more like three weeks between me and her.

    Hope this ends up well... I think I'll write a poem about it. :]

    With your permission of course.

  19. wow. i have chills. no words can describe how amazing this is. i cried.

  20. Wow. You made me realize that love can be beatuiful as well. I've just seen and experienced the pain and the suffer. Than you for giving me hope.

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  22. Remind me of that chick that i used to be with..
    She was still with someone else when we were getting close together..

    Later on we get along pretty well, talk for hours, sitting next to each other on college classes, play cards..
    I hold her hands when it was just the two of us.. She giggles.. :)

    Later on I found out that she broke up with her boyfriend because of me..

    We're getting closer but later on she said she couldn't get over her ex..

    She dumped me.. :/

    We stay friends, still talk to each other from time to time.. Not that much tho..

    She got a new boyfriend now, after about 2 years being single..
    But ehh.. Seems like she's happy with her boyfriend..

    Still can't get over her..

    Somehow.. :\

  23. this story brought tears to my eyes

  24. This very similar to what I went through this year except I got back together with my ex from the beginning... Blah.

  25. Happy that you found each other in the end :) However, just wanted to point out that 3 hours is NOT a distance. Really. I have feelings for someone but I'm doubting even starting a relationship, since we are 8 hours apart - in time zones. That is, the Atlantic ocean (and some land areas) is in between us. Still, I'm so glad to have met this person and that he is still so jet lagged that he can get up at 5.30 in the morning to skype with me :)


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