Sunday, October 31, 2010

a text message from you


I've got the worst birthday of my life this year. The best birthday present was just a text message from you, wishing me a happy birthday. I've no idea why. It's just a birthday wish but it makes my day receiving it.

My friends did nothing to celebrate my birthday for me. Not even a gift. I wonder if they're still my friends. A part of me tells me to let go and i should never mind if i get a gift or not. The other part of me tells me that i should in return receive somethign since i've done so much for them. Not even a birthday song or wish personally. The wishes are all done via Facebook or text messages. I don't want to let them know that actually i care so much. So i've been bottling all these up. My mum thought my friends were going to celebrate my birthday for me so i had none of those celebration at home.

It's now a month after a birthday and i have not received any gifts or surprises yet. Really disappointing.

As of you, I really want to share my thoughts with you but you haven't been texting me after the wish. I feel you've already moved on but I'm still standing here, waiting for you to come back to me. My heart dropped when your twitter says 'having a little crush lately :)' I know i should move on but i really just can't.

Still, i really thank you from the bottom of my heart to send me that text, that at least made my day although i did not have a great birthday. Also, alll the best with you and your new crush. Maybe.

xoxo H


  1. stop being so bitter and letting yourself drown in self-pity. pick yourself up. Only you can make yourself happy.

  2. Im a romantic and dont mean to give you false hope but maybe the crush is you. Have you communicated since the text("thanks" does not count!)? there're so many of these stupid rules that say how we should and shouldn't interact. Or may he or she justs seems a bit robotic or stoic and feels the same. Happy birthday to you H!! Hope the next one is better.

  3. Don't be too upset that you did not receive the gifts that you wanted on your birthday. It's not like every of your friends are the kinds of people who give gifts all the time. And giving gifts are not the only thing to friendships. :D

    If it really bothers you so, hold a belated birthday party or just buy yourself a present to be happy about. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner which is just another reason to celebrate. :D

    So cheer up, it is just presents which we are talking about. :D

  4. A former good friend of mine never remember my birthday and that would upset me because I always make an effort to remember her, so I can wish her well etc.

    I've moved on. As long as my lover and family remembers my birthday, acknowledges and cook for me lunch/dinner and buy me a cake, then I'm happy.

    Also, I'm be a very happy girl if my partner buys me a present and spends time with me.

    i've lost hope with a lot of people I call friends.

  5. funny how technology has changed things. doesn't seem for the better, does it? I wish it was simpler and we didn't have texts, facebook, or twitter. Anyway, I know the mood that this post comes from. Reach out to someone, and you'll find them reaching too. Sometimes you just need a little contact. Non-virtual contact.

  6. Happy Birthday H!
    Hope the next year is wonderful, better than the last and that you find some fantastic friends who really care for you. You deserve better. Love, L XXX *huggg*

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  9. Hey happy belated birthday!

    Well for my birthday i only got 1 birthday present,
    so I guess I can understand how you feel..
    I was feeling so upset because I always remember their birthday, i always spend time looking for presents for them and writing them hand made cards.

    But I don't receive the same amount of love back.
    Instead I just got a feel text saying "Hey happy bday we should meet up soon! lots of love xxx"

    Did we meet up after that? No.

    I guess sometimes it's hard to let go, it's sucks to be alone.

    but yknow, good things are hard to find. You need time to adapt.
    Some people might say you should give without expecting anything in return. but the feeling still sucks without anything on birthday..

    Anw if you need someone to talk to, you can email me at anytime! :)

  10. Well, sometimes we are sure the guy's in love with us because of all those "signs" but it may be actually nothing...

  11. He who sells you for broad beans, sell him for the peels of broad beans.

  12. Sounds to me like you need to go out and make some new friends girl! They are the people that should be making your life magical, not miserable.
    Also, did you try asking them out? Maybe they just don't know how important they are to you! I usually email my friends and ask them if they wanna have dinner with me on my bday (or any other occasions). Did that this year and had the best one so far.
    Sometimes you have to make the first move :3 And if they still don't seem to care, then I'm sorry but you need better people around you.

  13. I know this feeling. And I love the last line "all the best with you and your new crush. Maybe" That's worded perfectly.

  14. I know this feeling. It's really amazing how technology has changed our lives. Like the way you phrase the last two sentences. It's the bitter-sweet feeling.

    happy birthday

  15. Wish I knew you to cheer you up with a surprise! Happy Birthday H! <3 hope next year is better =)

  16. Happy Birthday, H!
    For the next year of your life I wish you to let go of anything that's not good for you and welcome everything that is!


  17. Stop thinking about what your friends haven't done for you and start thinking about all that they HAVE done for you. Stop thinking about yourself so much and you'll be much happier. Text the guy and ask him to hang out... it's not a big deal.

  18. Happy Birthday! I know exactly how you feel! People shouldn't tell you what to do because I know everybody's different and it's hard to meet good people but you shouldn't give up under any circumstances. My birthday is next month and although I would be alone, I think it's going to be the best because I'm just going to make myself happy and do whatever I want :-). You should too! xoxoxoxooo

  19. That's exactly what happened to me this year. And I felt like shit. My best friend since we were born has a birthday the day before mine. I gave her a present through school and she didn't even give me a call.

  20. Happy birthday :)
    If I knew you personally, I'd care. I'm sorry.

  21. Aww. But you should stick to the ones who makes you special. Be happy, its your special day.

  22. I am a big fan of your blog. the way you express through pictures is just fantastic. A lot of mixed emotions prevails on your blog and I kinda just love it. In fact I am also learning and working on similar fashion for my blog.

  23. don't meaning to be rude, but come on, stop being so bitter! Friendship is about more than birthday gifts or even birthday celebration. If you reaaally wanted to do something with your friends for your birthday you could have planned something out instead of thinking they'd come up with something for you. I'm not much about birthdays at all, don't think they r very special, and when it comes to gifts... I rather buy gifts for my friends when i travel or whenever i happen to find something I think they would like. I forget my friends birthdays all the time, but it doesn't mean i don't care about them. Try to have a more positive mindset. If they r your friends, then of course they like you!! <3

  24. I can understand how you feel, it certainly isn't about the presents but the feeling that you friends don't care--which surely isn't true! Sabina above me said it too, you should go ahead and organise something yourself! You can't expect your friends to throw a surprise party, but rather invite them over to your place :) In our group, the one who has birthday would send texts to all the others to tell them what's up for their birthday, if we're having a small celebration at their house or go out or at a restaurant ... you get the idea :) & all friends think together about a big present that we'd all get together for the birthday kid to ensure it's valueable and special :)
    Your friends can go up to your crush to include him in the present ;)
    Happy belated birthday, and hopefully your next one will be exactly the way you want it to be :)
    xx Lara

  25. Aw :( If I could I'd send you a gift!

  26. My birthday is coming up this month and I have no expectations. My closest friends have gone and forgotten me and everything I've asked for pretty much got denied. Then tonight...Tonight, a boy I've known for years dropped off an early birthday present. I forgot I'd asked him to buy me something online months ago, and he actually did. Him and I, we once had something. It could've been so special, but I blew it. And tonight, I was so excited seeing him again, even though it was only for a minute. Then it was over. I ran to my room, opened my gift, turned off the light and turned it on. It's this little novelty lamp I found on eBay, and it's better than I imagined it would be. It made me sad looking at it, knowing here was proof of someone, although so far, who cared about me, while everyone else who was close rarely even thought of me. I have no plans of trying to get him back, that is the past. And besides, he's leaving next week to join the Navy. We plan to keep in touch though. He made this month, and probably even my birthday worth looking forward to now. But what I look forward to most is finding someone just as lovely as him again. Maybe that'll be the surprise. Maybe that'll make this birthday better than any of the ones before. I don't know. But I'm better now, and I don't care about my birthday at all really. I just wanna find someone like him again, something worth celebrating.

  27. after my separation i never even got a text message from her. we've separated after a 16 yrs long relationship, we married, but she suddenly left me after 6 months of marriage. i don't even know the reasons correctly!

  28. I'm so sorry to hear this... I also agree that technology isn't the best for the human race as a species... So it may not matter because of the computer screen separating us (irony) but happy birthday from a real person who really cares

    And if you see this, check my blog:

  29. they&#39;ve gone to shitNovember 3, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    please moderate the stories you publish..

  30. lol shut up @they've gone to shit.

  31. well what i do is that one week before my bday i send an email or fb event of where it will be, for example in a club so in my bday they call me or text me or post in my fbwall... but i dont expect any gift, the gift for me is that they come to my celebration!

  32. The funny thing about our emotions is that we tend to hide them and expect others to know what we are feeling or how their actions have affected us. But the truth is: most of us (if not everyone), are unable to always be conscious of how our actions affect others. The reason being that we are all caught up in our own lives and working towards our own ends, and sometimes this causes us to disregard the feelings of others when we act. Sometimes when someone you care about hurts you, they have no idea.

    I say when this happens you should let them know what they did and why it bothers/upsets you. If you matter enough to them they will make the necessary changes. If not,it is most likely the friendship holds little value.

    One last word of advice though: To withhold your emotions is to withhold from living. In a sense you sell yourself short by never expressing who you honestly are. Even though sometimes the outcome is painful, you have nothing to regret if you tried. Life always goes on, and there is so much more beautiful things in this world and places we can find happiness, than what we see with our limited scope.

    All the best,

  33. happy belated birthday and a very blessed Christmas! i understand how you feel, to expect but not say anything, and to be disappointed. it's nice to know you're appreciated and acknowledged, especially on your special day.

    still, know that you are very much loved. :) i wish you all the best.

  34. Belated happy birthday.
    Reading this post made me sad, I don't know.
    I hope by time you read this comment, you're happy.
    That happy birthday wishes text may be come soon from the one you love.
    Happy birthday!


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