Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tokyo dreaming


I still see you in my dreams. Usually your hands are delicately wrapped around my face. Slowly you kiss each eyelid as if they were so precious they might break but each dream like this is terrifying. They haunt me of a time when you thought I spun gold from light. Of those times when each love letter left on your pillow was more poetic than the last. It’s in reliving these memories that I realise that I can no longer remember a time before now that I have loved anyone more. I struggle to find the words to describe the cataclysmic and heart rendering moments we shared. Where beneath Tokyo lights you grasped my hands and warmed them and I just knew. I knew that every person in this world deserved a moment like this. A moment where you knew how to be truly loved without the whisper of a single word.

My love knows no boundaries and if you give me a chance I will continue to show you the most faithful of hearts.

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