Tuesday, September 7, 2010

happy you are coming back

Its May of 2003. I am a sophomore in college, you a year ahead of me.
I am in a sorority, and over at one of the fraternity houses. You
are visiting a friend in the fraternity, but being a "frat boy" was
never your thing. You tell me you see me in the quad, and ask your
friend who I am. Your friend tells you that I am out of your league.
You tell him "I just found the girl I am going to marry". You then
come down to introduce yourself to me...

Fast forward to January 2004. You ask all of your friends in my
sorority to hook us up. I can recall who you are, however was dating
others. Then, that fateful night at our local bar. I decide to
escape an ex-boyfriend, and walk home by myself. You catch me in the
parking lot, offer me a ride. I say no. You ask if you can have my
number. I say yes. You call me the next day and ask me out on a date
for that next week. I say yes. Our first date on January 23rd, 2004
was a night I will never forget. We clicked. Talked. Kissed. There
were fireworks. Our relationship instantly started. I was in love.
Complete head over heals love. You cooked me dinner for Valentines
day. You took care of me when I was sick. I met your mom and sister
within a month of us dating. We went to my formal together. We
laughed, cried, and touched souls. You share things with me that you
have never told anyone. I do the same. I applied to go abroad to
Italy for the summer. I get in the program. You graduate college.
You came home with me to California, and we had an amazing road trip.
We spent every moment together until I had to leave for Italy. You
said not to worry, you would be waiting for me "with open arms" when I
got back.

Summer 2004. Italy is incredible, however I miss you every day. We
email - you send me roses to my apartment. I travel, experience
everything that Italy has to offer, yet my heart has a hole in it. I
am in the most romantic place in the world, and want to share it with
you. Summer flies by. I come back to Colorado to be with you and
finish school. You tell me you got a job in Southern California, and
are leaving in 2 weeks. We have a passionate, indescribable 2 weeks
of intense love, and promise to be with each other.

Fall 2004/Winter 2005. Long Distance is hard. You are struggling in
California, I am struggling in Colorado. You push away. I cry. You
come visit. I feel like a prostitute, a hotel and a chauffeur. I cry
some more. My girlfriends tell me to let go, but I just can't. I
live for your 4 am drunk phone calls professing your love to me. We
continue this charade for months. I visit you in Southern California.
You won't hold my hand. I cry some more. I offer to move to be
closer to you after college. You say maybe. The pain cuts deep, as I
cannot go a day without thinking about you.

Spring 2005. I meet someone else, and become infatuated with him.
Unbeknown to me, you are coming back to Colorado to rededicate
yourself to me. I call you to try and tell you about this new person.
You don't call back for 3 weeks. Finally, I tell you, and you break
down. You still come to Colorado and ask me to meet you in the park
by the lake. I come. You have flowers and an open heart. Mine is
not. I tell you I can't do this roller coaster anymore. You cry. I
cry. I walk away. Even now, I can't tell you why I walked away, but I
did. You send me countless love letters. I email you saying that I
appreciate the gesture, but its too little too late.

Summer 2005 - July 2010. You have your life in California, I have
mine in Colorado. You start dating a girl from your office, and I
break up with my infatuation. I date others. You get serious with
office girl. I still date others, and find a nice boy. You and
office girl break up after 2 years. I am dating nice boy for 5
months. You call. I talk you through your break up. We joke, we
laugh, and I tell you that I will always love you. You say the same.
You go to Europe. You call me from Europe telling me that you
understood why I had to go to Italy. I break up with nice boy. You
come back from Europe to California. I get back together with nice
boy. You tell me a couple of months later that if I had not gotten
back together with nice boy, you would have tried again. I tell you
that we tried the long distance thing once, and it did not work.
Besides, I like nice boy. As much as I like nice boy, you still are
in my thoughts and dreams. You start to date another girl. We chat
online. We text. We talk to each other the way that people in other
relationships should not talk to one another. We talk to one another
the way that we should talk to our significant others. I decide to
move in with nice boy. We chat occasionally, but I try and cool off
our conversations. You seem ok with it - girl #2 suits you for the
time being. You get into grad school back in Colorado. I tell you
this will be interesting, but I am happy you are coming back. It will
be difficult, as I am still with nice boy.

July/August 2010. Nice boy turns out to be not so nice, and breaks up
with me. You have been in the same state as me for a month, however
we have not seen one another. I have a crazy several weeks. I move
out. You live with your mother, and travel a lot, and look for places
to live. August comes. We start texting each other. We have lunch.
You pick me up, and those butterflies are still there. They have
never gone away. You look so incredibly handsome. We talk. Its a
nervous and strange conversation, however I still feel so much for
you. So much of everything. I decide to go for the gusto and ask you
out on a date.

We have our date this upcoming Friday. Will this finally be our time?
We always said that we would end up together. I hope that we can do
it right this time. It seems as if fate has given us a 2nd chance,
and we sit on knife point for Friday. I hope we both fall the same way,
as I have never lost my love for you.



  1. Good luck to both of you!!!

  2. Love this. Sometimes timing is just off for two people. Sometimes we have to experience more before we're ready to be with the one we're supposed to be with. Sometimes we just need to learn a few lessons. That's what I believe, anyway. Everything happens for a reason & what's meant to be will always find a way. i hope this is finally your time. :)

  3. Hm. No matter what happens, I hope for the best for you. Good luck!

  4. this story is so captivating. I've got my fingers crossed for you guys on friday! I hope it works out!! xoxo

  5. keeping my fingers crossed for you both :)

  6. good luck girl, i sincerely wish you all the best. it's not an everyday thing that you get to have a second chance with the love of your life which you will never forget. all the best! :)

  7. awwwwwwww
    in a totally non cheesy way :)
    this is a really perfect messed up story
    (whatever that means)
    that is romantic from corner to corner
    it really is fate
    and reminds me what love looks like X )

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Hope for the faithless.

  9. it will finally be right<3

  10. I think it's going to work. :)

  11. When was the last time you guys saw each other ? I hope someday this can happen to me with my last EX

  12. WOW SEVEN YEARS! :D your love is so real, it's jumping out of the page at me. indeed, you've never lost your love for him. i just hope that he's worth all that time. good luck! <3

  13. hey- goooooooooooooooooooood luck

  14. This is amazing. All my luck to you. <3

  15. I agree with the second unknown reader. sometimes it is all about good timing and one needs to get enough life experience before meeting the "one". I truely wish you a good luck! Let us know how it went this dating. It would be interesting to know.. it may give hope to lots of people reading the follow up of your story!

  16. your story gives me hope and makes me believe in true, everlasting, and inconvenient love.
    i wish you every happiness in the world for friday.

  17. That could be my story, even the years match.

    But what do you do when you still love someone and can't get over that person. Even thou years and other lovers has passed and you're now living with someone else?

  18. I really hope ir works out for you both :) Please come back and tell us? It'd give me hope

  19. This give me so much strength and courage to keep going with my long distance relationship. He's in Greece, me in Sweden. For 14 months right now. I know what you feel, I know how you can love someone instantly after one date and feel that you'll never let go. I know exactly how it is.

    This give me courage to see how our future will end. I said too to myself that this is the boy I will marry when I first saw him.

    I hope I will, because I'm not a fighter just to let time pass by - I'm a fighter because I believe in a specific thing.

    Thank u!

  20. If you want something badly, let it go. if it comes back to you, it will be yours forever.


  21. Awe...good luck to them:)


  22. i loooooooove this!!

  23. Sometimes, you have to go through so much to find what's worth. But in the end, you always find yourself going back to the one person you pulled away from. I believe that there's still a little something between the both of you. Take the risk, take his love and never question yourself.
    All the best.

  24. Beautiful :) I wish we could hear back on how the date went.

  25. You know, I wanted to write an exceptionally comment about how this story touched me and and whatever springs to my mind, a comment you wouldn't ever forget... But all I can think is:

    Go! Marry him!

  26. please please please get back together.....

  27. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a love story!

  28. this is such an amazing story, don't lose each other again!

  29. Wow this is relaly amazing- this is life..often we don't realize what's in front of us all this time..its a matter of even years before time falls on your side- all the best!


  30. Now I want to know what happens on Friday!!!

    What a lovely story, best of luck!


  31. You must write back on saturday and tell us how it went!

  32. Oh I just melted reading this, if I weren't in the middle of my university cafeteria there would definitely have been tears. I hope this is your time again.

    sharon xx

  33. please get back together and stop shitting on other people a b c d e f g what not's times. Yeah cute for you guys not cute for people being pawned around between you two.

  34. Beautiful. Best of Luck!!!

  35. It's been 7 years, you both have been through a lot. Wishing you the best of luck with all my heart. :) I hope you two end up together

  36. You two were meant for eachother.
    I think life sometimes creates obstacles, so you know how much someone loves you by jumping, crawling, running, pushing, doing what they have to do to get back to the one they love.
    If it's too easy, it wouldn't be worth it, you would take it too much for granted.
    But if it's worth fighting for, you will do it, because knowing what you could have lost forever is what love is about. And you learn to NEVER take love for granted, ever.
    Love Lola Doll
    xo xo xo

  37. i wish you all the luck! i think you guys will ens up marrying each other :)

    ps. i love your way to write

  38. when you finally meet him this friday, hope it works well to both of you and if it does. please tell us :)

  39. i love this and i need this as well...:)hope one day he will come back to me as well...

    best of luck to you both...cheers~

  40. liv, you MUST report the day-after the date! I think many of us want to know..
    I am sure you are going to be together again and this time for good! Fight for your love

  41. im crossing my fingers for you


  42. You cannot be separated...you belong together... Good luck!

  43. This is amazing - I hope you get your happy ending! <3

  44. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! <3

  45. I really hope the best for you both !! =)

  46. Today is your day! Your date:)
    Wish you luck! come back to tell us what happended...

  47. gosh. just tell him! goodluck(:!

  48. Pleeease....tell us what happend!!!

  49. i love this story. it reminds me of myself and all we can is wish for the best.

  50. aww,
    keep us informed!
    this is the most sweetest thing i have ever read to be honest.
    good luck! my fingers are crossed(: <3

  51. friday, friday, friday!
    im sort of nervous! good lord, why do i always get so captivated by these sort of stories?
    they bring tears to my eyes.

    good luck!!

  52. fingers crossed, let us know!

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    :) :)

  56. Don't let him go! Good luck. xxx


  58. Good luck. Love is possible and important!!! kisses

  59. The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.

  60. I saw a great deal of helpful information above!

  61. This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.

  62. I have read this story over multiple times. I stumbled upon it because you used my photograph. This made my day. That is one of my favorite photos. I have it blown up to 3 feet to hang on my wall.

    Jennifer Townsend


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