Friday, August 13, 2010

up to how you really feel


Hey "bestest" friend. You know who you are.

I'm just writing this to say that I've been thinking a lot lately and I realize this is going nowhere. We can never really talk heart to heart and that's what I want. Communication is just really important to me. Although it's kind of hard, I kept trying and I sometimes worked but never for a long time. It's hard for me to commit without you. So please, tell me if you really do like me, so I that I will know if my efforts are worth for anything at all. Don't hint some remark that could possibly be known as flirting. Because that gets me confused and mad. For all I know, you could be just really friendly and has not thought of us to be more than friends. Your actions and words speak otherwise...

And with all I know, I've been liking you for a few years now. And I can't wait any longer. I need answers.

So here's to the possibilities. Either you end this unknown and tell me how you really feel or I just walk away. Even being just friends with you is too hard. I need to move on. I can't be stuck waiting.

And whether you read this or not, it's going to be here. Whether you reply to this or not, it's up to how you really feel.

- vl


  1. No matter what his answer is, you really made a great decision. It takes lots of courage and we're all proud of you :)

  2. Go you! I'm where you are right now (and have been for years) so this was the bit of bravery i needed, thanks :)

  3. Wow! I just made a similar statement and because they could not communicate to me what they really wanted from me, I ended the relationship. Telling them that I could no longer be their friend. For my own mental an spiritual health it was time to move on ...without them. I've been at peace since...

  4. this is exactly how i feel right now :/

  5. dont lose his friendship.I was there and i lost him, worst time in my life. I still cry at night for his friendship, if i had that i wouldnt want anything more

  6. i'm in the same place.
    the worst thing is, he PROMISED that our friendship would continue. and it hasn't. he's just ignored me. maybe i didn't do enough. maybe i didn't let him know that i really really really liked him alot.

    but i'm trying to move on. it's the only thing i can do. it's true, you can't wait forever for him.

  7. I have a feeling I could be waiting years for the exact same thing thqt you want-answers, to all those questions that keep you up at night.

  8. Omg, i feel exactly the same way with you. wish you luck!

  9. this happened to me too. I really really liked him and he knew it, I found out later. Except instead of telling me he didn't want anything serious, he played with me. He liked the affection.
    When we slept together I thought that that was the beginning of us two. After a 1½ of friendship tension, finally it happened. But I'd dreamt of it so long.... it just turned out wrong. And he was never interested in a relationship anyway.
    So I said goodbye. Because the relationship had really been nothing but bad news from the start.
    Good luck to you.

  10. I am the same way but Im too scared to move on.

  11. Just the feelings I got. And I told him the same things. Told him I need his decision. But he never answered and the next time we saw each other he smiled at me like it is the best thing seeing me. So I'm really really confused...
    Wish you all the best!! And lot of Love...

  12. i was in the same situation. told him to make up his mind, and when he did (saying he didnt want anything more than friendship), i had to walk away.
    even tho it was the hardest thing i ever had to do, and even 8 months later, can still brings me to tears...i know it was the right thing to do.

    if i didnt walk away, eventually he would have once he found someone he actually did want to have a relationship with.

    itll be hard...but ur doing the right thing...i hope it works out differently for u tho

  13. I'm on the other side. My best friend fell in love with me. I just wanted you to know that it's hard on both sides. I feel like slipping billion years away. It's so messed-up. ..when you know u can't get your friend back, but still every minute with him is like ice-cream in summer and green tea in winter - it's delicious and irreplaceable.

    Yet your decision's good. Hold on, girl!

  14. same here, he just told me he misses me and shit all the time but seems like he's only be frd with me. I always wanted to know if he likes me or not. But my frd told me maybe he is.. But he is not in love with you.
    Anyway goodluck girl!

  15. this is exactly where i am right now.

  16. you've got guts.. i never managed to tell him.. but i moved on and found someone im more in love with.
    hope it's a happy ending for you too =)

  17. just tonight, i met my friend for drinks to say goodbye before we parted ways for our senior year of college. i made a list of everything i wanted to say to him. i said none of it. i couldn't remember any of my list when he smiled back at me. we gazed into each others eyes and he told me he'd be calling me a lot - to get advice about his girlfriend. every single time they break up, he comes crying to me. i want to be the one he runs to at the end of the day. i want to be his friend because i think about him more than anything, but it is killing me inside. i'm not brave enough to say what i feel or to walk away with my head held high. i just need to find someone else, i suppose, that gives me a stomach full of nerves (which is so rare for someone like me). i don't know how i fell so hard. i don't know how i got here. i just can't get out.

  18. I exactly know how you feel,
    I felt the same way for a very long time,
    we were friend and I was so in love,
    didn't know whether he did or didn't like me.
    And what did I do?
    I waited and I believed.
    Some days I had to fall asleep while crying, because my feelings for him were that strong.

    He couldn't get someone out of his own mind, but it wasn't me.
    I cried, but still waited and believed that one day everything would be alright.

    His feelings for that person disappeard. I got more hope.

    But then another girl stole his heart and therefore broke my heart.

    Still crying, waiting and believing that it will get allright.
    When they got a relationship I said to myself that I should forget him, that I should give up, because this wasn't going to work. He probably would never ever like me.
    But they broke up. And without wanting it my heart was stolen again, because eventhough I wanted to give up, I couldn't let my feelings for him disappear.

    We were very good friends and told each other more and more things and spoke more and more to each other, we sent text messages more often.

    And finally, after more than two years of crying, waiting and the most important of all BELIEVING, he knew how strong my feelings for him are.

    We got together more and more often and I knew, or maybe it was my hope, that he also had feelings for me. I wasn't 100% sure about it and I was afraid of asking him, because if he would say 'no' we could never ever have a normal conversation anymore, which would mean I had 'lost' a good friend, and that wasn't worth it.

    A couple of weeks my doubts were gone, because then he kissed me for the first time =]

    He kissed me more than once and the nights I fell asleep while I was crying, weren't because of bad feelings, but because of my happy feelings. That waiting and believing was the best decision.

    We haven't got a courtship yet, but I have waited for such a long time that I know hurrying isn't the right thing.

    We both love each other and I hope this will lost eternal.

    So boys and girls, if you really love someone, if you really can't get that person out of your mind, don't hurry and wait and keep believing. Try to be very good friends and show you're interrested in him/her and one day he/she might see this.

    and keep this slogan in mind:


    Thanks for reading my written piece! =]

    I know my english isn't correct, but I'm not an english person and I did my best to make everyone understand my story =)

  19. This is exactly what I am living right now.
    I've already talked to him and said we couldn't be friends anymore. I couldn't. I am always expecting he will fall in love with me. But he will not. Even though I am one of the most important persons in his life, he doesn't see me as a lover. Even though he is always making jokes about us getting married or how he thinks I am so beautiful outside and inside... it is just jokes.
    I've already told you everything. I've already kissed you. Why aren't you here with me? Why are you always with me?
    As I said, I have already talked to him and said we couldn't be friends anymore. But could not. We are back together again. As friends of course.
    Anyway. I just wanted to say that you are not alone in this situation. That I did talk to him and that I did walk away. I just couldn't move on. I hope you can, vl.
    Best wishes.
    (English is not my mother language, sorry.)

  20. Girls (and boys) be strong! Have the courage to be strong! Love is a battlefield! ;)

    Try to look from another angle. Girls don't want boys they can have. Neither do boys!

    I'm a woman. Or girl, or well let us just say female. I might have good looks but it is for my charm boys admire me. I let my charm give me a shining aura. Boys fall easily for me. Especially my friends who are boys. But they fall for me because they see it is hard to get me.

    So my advise to you is in first place to look around! There are always boys (or girls) looking at you! Absorb it! Know that you are beautiful, unique and LOVED! If you find another guy, the guy you really want might be jealous - just as you were.

    And I want to say to all boys and girls that it is a complete waste of time to love someone that doesn't love you back. You can spend that time and energy on those who do love you and care for you.

    I wish you all my love! <3

  21. I feel like getting the hell out this cold ass water that how I feel"


  22. Im in the same place too i think im inlove with my close guy friend. Im in a stage where i dont know which bridge to cross... to let go or to hold on ....

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