Tuesday, June 1, 2010

40 Things I Forget To Tell You


1. God. School. Family. 3 most important things in my life
2. I will do everything to be a medical doctor. Even if it means giving you up.
3. But then again, I don't want to lose you.
4. I want you to be happy Comfortable with me. Honest with me.
Tell me everything that bugs you, even if it is about me.
5. I much rather have a Mr Darcy, Tony Stark or John Mayer. But I much rather have you.
6. My parents will love you. It's just not the right time.
7. I want my parents to know about us. I don't like lying to you. I don't like lying to them.
8. I'm scared to death with commitment. I will never cheat on you and stuff like that.
But deep down inside, I'm still a crazy singleton.
9. Sundays. A day for God and I. My other lover.
10. Saturdays. A day for you and I. My other lover.
11. The only time I ever lied to you these past 2 months was the day you told me you loved me and didn't want to let me go. I told you I had 3 chocolate caramel bears, and ate them all already. I actually had 4.
12. If anything goes wrong with us, promise me that we will be friends.
I hated the awkwardness we had last week. It felt like I've lost my best friend.
13. Please, tell me when I start talking or rambling too much.
I'm never as happy with anyone else but you.
14. You are the first guy I'm this involved with.
15. You are the first guy I kissed.
16. I rejected dozens of invites to watch that movie, because I wanted to watch it with you.
17. I hate hate hate awkwardness.
18. I'm suppose to be doing my homework right now. Not writing this note for you.
19. I'm scared of hurting you. Whether I accidentally bit you while we kissed,
or hurting your feelings.
20. I want you to do what you want to do, not for me. For yourself.
21. This relationship isn't going to start out as smoothly as you think.
I'm the worst girlfriend anyone can have, but I'll learn.
22. I want to date other guys, eventually.
23. I think I love you.
24. If you ever think something is wrong with me, and don't feel comfortable asking me, just get me drunk.
25. I can't do long-distance relationships. But there is always a thing called trying.
26. When I'm angry, it is school and PMS talking.
27. I don't do anniversaries. Phone calls. Text messages. MSN. Facebook. Stuff like that. I just don't like not seeing your face and holding your hand on the other side of the screen / phone.
28. I still haven't asked you why you love me.
29. You have to wait until your birthday to know why I love you.
30. I actually like your dimple.
31. I like PDA. But it's sexier when no one is watching us.
32. I don't mind friends knowing about us. I do mind if you, or I, are going to get into trouble.
33. Remember our priorities. Everyone and everything else first. Then us.
34. Tell me what you want for your birthday. You are a very picky person.
And that's one of the many reasons why I love you.
35. I will write things like this, on this crappy cheap paper, whether you like it or not.
36. If I'm angry at you, don't worry. I WILL tell you.
The good thing is that I can never be angry with you.
37. We can compromise. I'm not expecting much from this relationship,
but you have to be honest with me.
38. I want to know what you want out of this relationship.
39. I don't know how long this relationship will last.
40. I'm scared to hell right now because I love you.

- J


  1. this is amazing. end of story. beautiful.

  2. that was spectacular. i am compelled to make a list of my own now.


  3. Loveeee this. Really adorable.

  4. i can totally relate to this because of the many similarities <3


  5. Wow! Wonderful written by a young girl.. (I suppose:)

  6. you rock!!!


  7. awww :x i just adore this. beautiful writing... by heart.

  8. No. 16 is so sweet! :)


  9. amazing, beautiful..just amazing <3

  10. Love it! And I feel like the person wrote my own thoughts.

  11. am I the only one who thought this list was kind of hurtful? She keeps saying over and over that she loves him yet she also says:
    I want to date other guys, eventually.

    Everyone and everything else comes first, then us.

    and the killer:
    I'm not expecting much from this relationship.

    If someone I loved wrote that to me (even if it was mixed together with a bunch of other lovely things) I would be really upset.

  12. just..wow. I think you ought to tell him these things asap, because I personally would reconsider investing my efforts&emotions in someone who actually PLANS on dating other guys.. :/

  13. It's a very strange list.
    Some of those things are coming from someone in love.

    But others...not at all

    This relationship seems to be temporary, it doesn't seem a priority....Is it because of the fear?

    As mkendall said, as lovely as other things are, a couple are terrible hurtful.
    So dear J, try and open up, try and forget consequences and vulnerabilities. Work for your happiness!

  14. the 36, 37, 38, 39 and mainly 40 is totally me!!

  15. So sweet !!!


  16. 2. I will do everything to be a medical doctor. Even if it means giving you up.

    I can totally relate.

  17. #24 - i can relate. i tell secrets.. boy do i tell secrets.

    i love this, the honesty is touching and it made me think about my own insecurities with love - its frightening, but exciting... sighhh

  18. PDA - Public Display of Affection

  19. I agree with mkendall & james. This letter is hurtful. If I got this letter I would also be upset & reconsider investing my time with someone who plans on dating others.

  20. I would definitely reconsider giving the boy this list because, it is a sure fire way to end the relationship. As previous statements before "i want to date other guys eventually" just let's him know early on that he is wasting his time regardless of what he does since you "eventually" want that to end. This is full of contradictions which leads me to believe you are in lust with him and not in love and if you have to ask why someone loves you then you are not ready to be in love. You seem young and I think what you may be trying to get at is to keep him as a friend you are in lust with and enjoy being around but won't want to keep around for a while. Just sayin' it seems you want a lot of life and maybe this boyfriend can help you get to where you want but the most painful thing you can do is lead him on, that hurts everyone in the end.

  21. i gotta agree with some of the other people. doesn't really sound like you are in love with this person. sounds more like you just want them around.

  22. I get the beauty from the 'honesty' of it but the lack of ethics you show in your behaviour is just mindboggling...if I so much as valued the other person's dignity, I'd tell this to them up front rather than stringing them along for the sake of.. I don't know, PDA?? Jeez. :(

    this actually made me pretty upset to read. Granted not every post has to be all mushy and lovey dovey around here, but reading about such relationships really make me cringe! To each their own I suppose. hope you fall in love with him soon, and then you might feel differently about some points. only then is it truly love. :)

    (otherwise, spare the word.)

  23. i totally agree with mkendall... she is telling him i llove you and want to be with you but i eventually want other guys. I suppose its realisic but to give this to the person you claim to love is a bit harsh..its a little mixed in the isgnal which she wants to show.I mean agaian and agin she douts the strenght of the relation ship and the bullet that kills me is when she says that she isnt expecting much out of he relation ship.. and then she goes on to say that he need to tell her what he wants out of it.. does it really matter now that he knows that she doesnt expect much

  24. Someone said "work for your happiness" and let go of vulnerabilities...I know how hard this is. I still have a hard time with it.

  25. this isn't it. this isn't true love.
    because, truly, true love comes first.
    and you wouldn't doubt the feelings.
    when you are really in love, youre no longer afraid. its a part of why you're in love.

  26. I think I've gone through all of those feelings in the past couple of months. :(

    Love Grace.

  27. This is touching I wish my blog could be like this, mine is simple. yours is amazing.

    Love Stephanie

  28. It ain't hurtful for guys in a way... As long as they love you... :D
    --coming from a guy here--

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. And who said that a person in love can't doubt?

    Without doubt, there is no medium in where one has the opportunity to build up trust... And that does not sound like love at all. Just a lie someone's living. That the other partner is perfect when in actual fact, no one in the world is perfect...
    It is being honest and telling the truth that enables love to grow. Love doesn't stop there. And that is why I can't stand it when people say that there is no doubt when you love, because you are not allowing space for love to grow...:/

    Love is not being overly scared of the consequences, but being human and all it is okay to doubt but not to the extreme. Find the middle ground... :D

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. This is amazing she just inspired me to do the same as well. :) but I seriously agree with Mckendall of how she did say that she loves him but she's risking that love by pushing it away and want to date other guy. I can relate to wanting to date other guy and hurt the guy who truly love me and now I am paying for it all because I wanted to date other guys

  33. this is quite messed up. the duality of it... it's weird. especially no 2 and 33. remember your priorities? I mean, wtf!? if you love someone, then he is your no 1 priority and not becoming a doctor and not everything and everyone. I honestly don't think this is love, because as wrong as all this sounds it shouldn't be. it's like the girl is embarrased of liking him.

  34. it's nice...

  35. People saying that when we are in love we shouldn't be afraid, we shouldn't have doubts... But love is not like that!!
    Sometimes you are with the person you love most, and even this, you are afraid to lose he/she... or it's a person who you can't trust, unfortunately.. Sometimes you don't have certain about his/her feelings for you..
    Make no mistake, love is not always a bed of roses

  36. I agree with mkendall. The few inconsistencies negate the idea of one love, but it doesn't mean you can't have a relationship with the person. At least you know whether it's going to meet your needs and you make the decision to leave or stay. Sounds like there's still work to be done and questions to be answered and asked.

  37. i think this is innocent and beautiful, in a first love sort of way.

  38. that's why it's called 40 things I forgot to tell you... she's being honest, and obviously honesty is really important to her. she doesn't want to base the relationship on all the bs love quotes, movies, etc, because chance are.. she isn't going to stay with this guy forever. she wants to be straight up which takes alot of guts. I like it : )

  39. The truth is I'm scared for the future of my relationship as well. I love my boyfriend so much but we have a lot of issues that affect our relationship that are similar to yours.

    I wish things were easier for the both of us. It's unfair when two people who are in love with each other should suffer like this.

  40. photo credit!!

  41. Wow, my first relationship was exactly the same. Thank you.

  42. This is amazingly written. Yet contradictory. I agree and disagree with the commenters here.

  43. I can really relate to this..like 80% of the stuff you wrote, I could have said when me and boyfriend first started dating..and I understand you..I wish there's a way of saying or expressing all these mixed feelings without hurting the significant other. Falling in love, or getting attached can really cloud judgement and make us all a little selfish when it comes to facing the fact that maybe the right thing is to just let go.

  44. except for the god-stuff, it is just my thoughts/words/feelings exactly! :-)

  45. the fact that there's so many contradictions make her love even more real.

    i mean in a relationship it's not all a bed of roses, sometimes you are scared, sometimes you wonder if there's someone else out there for you even if you are already with somebody you love.

    i think being uncertain is part of being in love, it's one of those feelings that one will experience when you've just started a relationship or maybe when halfway into one.

    this person appears to have just started a relationship, i think it's understandable that she has her own contradictions.

  46. "15. You are the first guy I kissed."

    Young girl. I get it--it's new and crazy but she's not stupid. She knows they're not getting to get married and be together forever.

  47. i can't believe i just connected with this like i did. i honestly feel like i am in the same exact position right now. and my name begins with a j, strange...
    thanks for being so honest, i loved it

  48. the duality of it is pretty confusing. at first i thought, why write this list at all?

    i definitely wouldn't recommend giving this to her boyfriend. but i think what it's meant to be is more of a journal entry. a diary entry.

    this list doesn't make sense in terms of what the ideal love is. but in terms of what being a human, and a teenager at that, i think it makes perfect sense.

  49. Hi. I read this, and I have to share. And I mean I have to.

    I've been there. Done this. Felt the same way.

    And in all honesty,
    Wait. Just wait for it. I went ahead feeling exactly like you did, and I mean exactly, and I ended up running away because I couldn't handle it, because I couldn't juggle every priority of my life.

    It took me two years to regain his trust and we're slowly moving forward, but it will be worth the wait. Don't hurt yourselves like we did. You say you hate awkwardness? These contradicting thoughts will be awkward for him to hear.

    Please, just reconsider the amount of damage you could be doing.

    but ps, I really know where you're coming from, and I know how this feels, and how what I'm saying will make you feel like you can't breathe.

    If you love him and you love the future you two could have then you will save this and savour it. Just trust all of us on this one - love isn't, and should never be, rushed.

  50. i wouldn't show this list to him. although you said you were in love, it'd break my heart to hear half of those things from my loved one.

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  52. for a moment, i thought i was you. the similarity is shocking. almost everything. and i'm a medical student too. =p

  53. I read some of the comments saying "i eventually want to date other people" is wrong. I'm just putting it out there that this is the first boy she's ever kissed. She is being reasonable. it doesn't mean she isn't inlove with him.

  54. i love this because it's honest

  55. oh i took this photo! credit please, credit.


  56. It's perfect. It's human. Love is not the same for everyone. How amazing we are to feel all of these emotions at once.

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