Saturday, March 6, 2010



This is a happy one, or at least it is to me.

After not even three months, I'm almost positive that I want to stay here in this city with him. The east coast, for all its prestigious colleges and historic cities, doesn't hold any interest for me anymore.

I think I'd rather stay here and go to PNCA with Jordan than some university that has alumni everywhere. I'd probably end up riding a stupid fixed gear and staying vegan.
We'd shop at outdoor farmers markets for produce during the summer and grow some of our own vegetables in the backyard. Of course, over time our house would get better and it would truly be both of ours instead of just pretending that I'd moved in. There would be weekends of too much Pabst, weekends of not enough. One of us would have to start gauging. We'd drink tea out of glass jars. Buy local. Go by train. Solar energy. 100% recycled. I'll get hooked on coffee too.

And then eventually we'd grow up and stop going to house shows. Everyone will (hopefully) do less drugs. Lose the wildness of youth and everything will be tamer. We'll start caring about city taxes and go out for breakfast on the weekends to read the newspaper and then come home clean the house. We'll meet our friends in lounge night clubs instead of dirty houses.
I don't know if the city will stay the same, but at least the rain will, and the summers too.

I'm really not romantic at all. I've never been one to fantasize about getting married, I don't care about kids, and I've never even been one to fantasize about the future with anyone, except him. I just know that staying here would make me happier than anything because I want to be anywhere my love is.

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