Monday, March 15, 2010

it feels like it's over

frankie magazine

I've been reading this blog for a while, but no one ever writes about the kind of love im feeling right now. I may recognize myself in other peoples stories, at least the old me. But this is me now, and this is how I feel.

Maybe some of you do too:

It’s been over a year since we broke up. But I can’t stop thinking about him. Everyone around me have stopped asking about him, and no one ever talks about him anymore.

So I’m basically doing everything to make some one mention him so I can talk about him. Today I’ve realized that I’m forgetting.

Forgetting him, how he smells, the touch of his hands. I’m forgetting the feeling when he kisses me, and holds me tight. I have started to forget about us.

That’s why I try to think about him before I fall asleep, so I can dream about him, because that makes him closer. It’s patethic, He’s over me, and I’m not even 17 yet, my life haven’t started.

But it feels like it’s over without him.

-n c k
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