Monday, March 29, 2010

i have loved you since kindergarten...

Our Anniversary. March 29th

I'm obsessed with you, I think about you constantly.
I have loved you since kindergarten and often I can't believe you're really mine.
Sometimes I forgot how amazingly hot you are until you walk through the front door, I've never been so attracted to anyone in my life.
I love the rereading the box full of letters you wrote me while we lived apart.
I love the way you make me feel amazing about myself.
You have such a cute butt.
I love that you make me laugh every day, and often so hard I cry.
I loved when you were so excited to find out we were having a baby, when I was totally freaked out.
I love when we fall asleep holding hands.
I adore how romantic you are.
I love the way we share almost every meal.
You are my favorite person.
I loved that summer after high school before we moved to different places, spending every waking minute together.
I even love that we can argue and fight, and then how we can make up...usually very quickly.
I love how you wouldn't complain when I slept from 6pm to 8am when I was pregnant.
I loved going to Senior Prom with you.
I loved that you followed me to NYC.
I love how you were able to calm E down the first night after he was born in the hospital, when I couldn't.
I love it when we snuggle every morning.
I loved it when I came home to you reading out loud to E, when he was only 3 days old.
I love how excited you are to get me to bed...
I love how I can hear you smile in the dark.

You are the only one I ever wanted to be with.
You are my perfect other half, you make me the happiest I've ever been.
I want to take care of each other forever.

Love is too weak a word for what I feel -- I lurve you, you know, I loave you, I loff you, two F's
I loff you C,
Happy Anniversary


best to you both!!



  1. This is unbelievably gorgeous. I am so happy for the both of you and the fact that your son has parents that love each other as much as you two. Cheers!

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  3. This is so sweet..
    Good luck to both of you, wish you all the best!

  4. adorable. this makes me jealous!

  5. gives me hope,,,<3

  6. Wow, now that's true love. I'm really happy for the two of you, and your son is the luckiest child on earth.
    Kinda gives me hope for my own love life. Here's to finding 'forever'. Cheers.

  7. i want this as well! i hope one day i get this! i thought i had this but he turned into quite a disappointment. one day...

    what a beautiful love you two have, good luck and happy anniversary!

  8. incredible, i wish i had someone like that. you are amazingly lucky!
    Pearl xo

  9. Makes me happy to see someone else has found what I have. It exists, lovers. It exists.


  10. This is amazing
    Congrats to you both
    So sweet :) really made my morning, thank you!

  11. Awh love!
    Too cute!

  12. I love this! I so 'get' this and most of all I pretty much have this...give or take a few lines. I am blessed. x

  13. i feel the same way about my boyfriend!

  14. This made me tear a good way! This is amazing and I wish nothing but the best.

  15. this is beautiful!! I wish i could find a love like this

  16. This is so beautiful and gives me hope! Thank you.

  17. This is simply beautiful. I almost don't mind that I dont have this, the fact that someone, somewhere in the world does is enough.

  18. oh wow, so this is it? the real thing? incredibly fantastic!

  19. Happiness resonating in every sentence =) I love it!

  20. This is love. It made me smile so big.

  21. This was so lovely to read. Beautiful stuff.

  22. I love you too ;____; you're both cute wish you good luck! :D
    CiAO Fr34k

  23. this is so sweet it made me tear up a little. true love.

  24. so sweet and refreshing. I love seeing couples who are truly in love.

  25. I didnt know love like that exist! good luck too you both. Hopefully I will find my price someday. But not in kindergarten like you ;/ because Im a big girl now..

  26. This is so amazing!! I love stories like this.. beautiful love stories.. I wish you all the best!!! :))


  27. Haha I'm totally crying! soo cute! :)

  28. This is amazing! This person put into words all the things that I would love to say to Fiance! Love your blog!!! Nice to see a blog that celebrates the joys (and sometimes sorrows) of love! <3 Jenna

  29. This made me so frigging stoked,
    'cause it's exactly how I feel too.
    I am happy to know others are as happy as we are. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

  30. This makes me so happy, knowing that there is hope out there and one day I will find it! Congrats to you both.

  31. wow.
    i hope i feel this for someone someday!
    you two are so lucky!

  32. Such a sweet love letter. thanks for sharing!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  33. thank god this is out there :)

  34. Beautiful :) What everyone hopes to have one day...

  35. THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME LOVE STORY I HAVE EVER READ. and it's real! can't even believe.
    what I loved the most is that is not perfect, but is perfect for u two. and that is love!
    I have to say that your son is the luckiest kid, cause I know what is like to have parents that don't love each other and that make the kid don't believe in happy endings for love. SO CUTE. love it. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY! and happy Anniversary

  36. I am so happy for both of you! I am so happy that I am reading such a lovely love story that is so true! I am strarting to believe that true love exist indeed out there for everyone and for me too.. Be always in love!!!

  37. woooow! LOVELY!!!! GREAT PICS!!!


  38. your love gives hope to the world. never stop.

  39. congratulations :) you should be very thankful

  40. i hope you're always like htis

  41. so sweet...:)
    I wish I can find my love, the one that really loves me..

  42. I am speechless, this is so beautiful!!

  43. I feel exactly like this about my other half. This is beautiful, gorgeous, special. I feel so happy for the both of you :) xx The best post yet!

  44. Hopefully I will find my price someday. But not in kindergarten like you because I'm a big girl now. This makes me so happy, knowing that there is hope out there and one day I will find it!

  45. Adorable. This is the love everyone wants. I liked the hearing a smile in the dark bit. And the one "I lurve you...loave you" etc.

    Passport Smiles

  46. This is so cute, makes me smile :D

  47. That is so cute!!


  48. This is so pure. Its beautiful to know that real love still exist this days..

    All the love in the world for your little family :)

  49. this is amazing, and SO nice to hear.

  50. I love how you act like a kid every morning with the sheets.
    I hate how you act like a kid when we fight.
    I love your face. I love your smell. 
    I hate the way you use that against me.
    I love the way you didn't give up.
    I hate the way you don't take care of me.
    I love to share breakfast with you.
    I hate when I need to talk and you rather reed the paper.
    I love your ambitions.
    I hate they are more important than me.
    I love your tattoos.
    I hate that you rather spend money on that than on me.
    I love your fashion sense.
    I hate your clothes are more important than me and my clothes (and I'm the girl!)
    I love how you know I'm the one.
    I hate how you don't work on it.
    I love to live here with you.
    I hate how you're not there for me when I left everything to be here.
    I love how you don't like everyone.
    I hate my friends don't like you.
    I love that you speak 4 languages.
    I hate how you correct mines all the time.
    I hate not knowing why I really love you.
    I hate that I cannot think why I love you.
    I hate to need you every day.
    I hate thinking not being with you.
    I hate feeling alone with you.
    I hate when I cry and you do nothing.
    I hate how this is you trying.
    I hate not being the most important thing.
    I hate to tell you how much I hate to love you.
    And I hate how you do anything with it.

  51. Happy Aniversary! :-)
    I am a young filmmaker from Los Angeles and am working on a documentary about Love that is partly focusing on couples just like you two. Where are you located? Check out the following links about our project and if you are interested in getting involved It will become an even better film, If not, would you give me permission to use your post here at LeLove in the film? keep the love strong!


  52. Awww, so sweet!
    This is my favorite line: "I love when we fall asleep holding hands"

    I hope in a few years I can write a story that beautiful.

  53. you two are truely lucky :)
    i hope i should be so lucky with my own relationship :)

  54. we love your blog, its so sweet =)

    we just started our own fashion blog..

  55. Beautiful.

    I wanna have something like this.

  56. this is so beautiful.
    sure has given me hope.

  57. This is so cute it made me cry. My boyfriend is away right now and I miss him so much, and reading this reminds me of us, and I can't wait for him to come home!


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