Sunday, January 31, 2010

no matter what


i know love. i've seen her- we are friends. i believe in her and even though we fight sometimes, in the end she always pulls through for me when i need her and for that, i'm grateful.

right now, we are not on the best of terms. i feel like i have a bone to pick with love. i am watching one of the most difficult things i have ever had to watch. i am watching the person who taught me about love, the person who introduced us, i'm watching her fall apart.

it sucks. because, having finally learned to believe in something, i have to watch it be tested in this way, and i don't know whats going to happen, or how, or why its happening. why would love, our sweet, gentle, loyal friend, desert one of her own? how could she? how could she stand by and let this happen to someone with so much faith in her?

it is unfair. it tears me up and it makes me wonder- have we all misplaced our trust, our hope, faith and belief? it makes me wonder why we're all out to befriend such a fickle, fickle bitch. if she could just chose to take a rain-check on us like this, when times get hard.

i think, we can be very hard on love. we expect so much. we want to salvage our relationship so badly, that we refuse to let her off the hook even when its not entirely her fault. we look at love, and ask her why.

we need to not blame ourselves, we need to not point fingers. we need to understand the nature of love, we need to understand how she works and why. because otherwise, we are bound to be let down. we need to understand that she is around simply, to entertain us. to make her presence felt. perhaps comfort us, and reassure us. in the end, we wallow in the belief that she will not, cannot, hold you together when you need her most. that is because we are blind.

we are a dependent society and i find it sad. i love love. i love my boyfriend, i love my family, and i love my friends. hell, i love my fuzzy gray beanie that will probably never be returned to its rightful owner... i love love. but i have a healthy fear, an acknowledgment to the fact that she is liable to drop out from beneath my feet at any moment. the future is not promised us.

we need to stop running, blindfolded by love. we need to accept that things change, and accept love from wherever we can get it, even if its not where you want it to come from. we need to let our friends love us. let our parents, pets, and hobbies, love us.
because when you lose one source of love, you're going to wish you had another.

love, where are you when we need you? the truth is, she's right there. we are just to absorbed to see her, because she takes a form that we may not necessarily be in the mood for. but she is there. she is always there. and she may not love you. but you need to love her.

no matter what, you need to love her.



  1. we need to love her.but sometimes it's just so difficult to love something that so elusive.and sometimes, when love is there,she is just so magnificent we're afraid to hold her.

  2. Love is the biggest, the most beautiful and the hardest art to learn, the most beautiful thing in this world. Not easy to understand something so much bigger of us, isn't it? It takes a whole lifetime

  3. Love is some sort of sweet madness... A bit of happiness..
    the rest is sadness..
    don't ever try
    to make up your mind
    the truth about love
    is hard to find.
    ---ROMANTICO--- :)

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  5. Love isn´t enough...
    Because it isn´t.
    It´ll take you there but it won´t keep it together - it takes every human quality to make things work.
    What good is love without the effort and where does the effort come from if not for us?
    Don´t be angry at love - be angry at our human nature that ruins what love creates with our selfish pride.
    Love simply isn´t enough - but without it, nothing else is either.

  6. Sometimes love hurts. so right now I am trying to find it elsewhere in case I lose it here. I can't lose it now. Not when I am so vulnerable. but I dont know if or how much he loves me back.

  7. I LOVE that poem,
    Thanks for sharing that, I will have to bookmark it and when love seems to be failing me come back and remind myself that she is there just maybe not the way I expect or want.

    thanks again

  8. amazing. you write beautifully :)

  9. amazing, I never really was able to put that into words but so true.

  10. that photo is fucked?!??

  11. Leigh, i love you to...
    Remember when she leaves the party, she'll be waiting for you at the after party ;)
    lovee klickty

  12. I really needed this. So beautifully written!

  13. thanks, darling:)


    wow, this is just sooo freaky!

    - s

  15. "let our parents, pets, and hobbies, love us. because when you lose one source of love, you're going to wish you had another."

    This is beautifully written and so very true. Thank you for sharing this--sometimes it's hard to make sense of what we call love, but in order to get swept up in all the romance and reckless abandon, we also must understand the heartache that may follow. I don't think we should allow that to overrule all other emotion (because why deny ourselves something that feels so right as it's happening?) but it's good to keep in mind when things don't necessarily pan out the way we like. At least then, we should remember the other sources of love we have had in our lives all along and turn to them for support and yes, love. <3

  16. im sure it's alot of people's lives right now...i've realized we're all in the same boat, we just don't realize it. it makes me love strangers, because i know they're not really strangers- we all feel the same exact things.

  17. Love is an ideal we mortals like to think about as we wonder the sad plain of life. We like to blame it for the consequences of our decisions or lack there of. In order to attain love we must start with charity then love will flow in and true happiness and joy will follow.
    Good luck.

  18. that was splendid. U could have just written the first few lines and it would have still been just as wonderful. :)

  19. mmmhmmmm...

    thank you for expressing such inspiration.

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