Friday, November 13, 2009

the kind of guy


The kind of guy who will watch me work
getting charcoal all over my hands which eventually
make it to my cheeks and he’ll laugh at me but
wet his thumb with his tongue
and gently take them off my
elbows and my

The kind of guy who wouldn’t mind taking his shirt and pants
off for me in the privacy of my studio
to sketch, but of course
I probably wouldn’t subject him to that
kind of thing in the first

The kind of guy who’d hold my hand and not my ass when
we walked around town and other places
and talked then he’d tickle me and I’d give

The kind of guy who cries whenever he feels
sad or broken up inside or happy
he’d let me dry his tears because I wanted to
and let me comfort him any time he needed

The kind of guy who doesn’t mind that I’m not like
magazine people cause I’m healthy that’s all that matters
and he says watching the waistline is a waste of time
I’ll be a lady eventually and after all its puberty and just a passing

The kind of guy who’ll lie in the curve of my midnight sleep
and hold me close and when the morning light comes he’ll
still kiss me despite our morning breaths but also
if need be he’ll leave me alone and give me my own

The kind of guy who loves every single part of me
for being every single part of me on their own with nothing special
because ‘I’m everything special already’ he

happy anniversary to you both!
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