Thursday, October 1, 2009

i just wish we were each others to have


i thought we were having a conversation
arms wrapped around each other,
drunk and i was talking and then
your mouth was on my mouth
and for three
maybe five
maybe twelve seconds
we were kissing.

it happened Friday night
in the bar as it closed down.
the music had stopped
but we stayed and stood in the dark and
we were sweaty, my hair was curly
and crazy from dancing
all night.

it happened so fast and i was so surprised
that when when we went outside
i had almost forgotten about it.


after Mexican at 3 am
we all went to your house to pee,
and your girlfriend was on the couch
watching tv with your dog.

i couldn't even focus on her face,
i barely remember leaving.

I know how to handle this because
i have stood on each point of that triangle,
and i get it.

i just wish we were each others to


  1. Ohhhhhh... heartbreaking!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. agrred, the last line is just outstanding!

  4. I was just recently the girlfriend on the couch, with the dog.....but this is all so true, I also know what it's like from at least two points of the triangle. Very well written.

  5. i understand where youre coming from monster girl. as hard as it is for those who have feelings for someone who aren't available, you have to always think of the girl who was there before you and loves him so much more.

  6. The girl didn't do right in making out with a guy if she knew he had a boyfriend.

    But the ones who are truly at fault, at the cheaters.

  7. so well written, it makes me feel so sad.

  8. i've been in that point of the triangle too, and i wished the same thing. Sometimes u cant avoid it u know? the atraction is like, pulling u.

  9. I guess I have a minority opinion, but am I supposed to feel sorry for her?
    yes, i know it's absolutely heartbreaking to fall for someone who isn't available and that yes, you can't help it. what you CAN help is how you act on it though... idk, having been that girl sitting on the couch, I don't like this thought at all.

  10. I've also stood on each point of the triangle and I think that until you've been there it's impossible to judge the other person(s). I hate cheaters as much as everyone else, but life isn't always as black and white and yes or no as we would like to think it is.

  11. lovely.
    love the first four lines especially.

  12. what a great poem, so beautifully written

  13. darling; I can imagine what you're going through. Your blogs are all so inspirational; I check them daily and I sometimes use your pictures in my posts (and source them back to you of course).

    I used a couple of pictures from your blog in my recent post; it was about love. I would love for you to check it out.


  14. omg !
    i have those thumbs , and to think i thought i was the only one .
    smh , i love this photo .

  15. Had this happened to me I would feel awful about being the perpetrator of cheating. Now matter how you feel about him, you probably ruined the life of the girlfriend, the girl you "couldn't even focus on her face" because you were so drunk. ughhh.

  16. you made me miss my bfriend and new york like crazy!

  17. why is it that the one you cant have is the one that leaves their fingerprints etched deep in your heart?

  18. c,

    i have been there. man i have been there. i've even had the strange want to look at her face and see her... to try and genuinely see what he does...

    it's a triangle you never want to get stuck in, but sometimes... sometimes esp. with the heart... it's so easy to get carried away.

  19. I like the way you describe the love triangle. You've been on all three points. Still is never fun to be in one though. Great poem.


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