Tuesday, September 22, 2009

you have loved me long enough to notice


You have loved me since I was 15.
Braces and all, you thought I was the most beautiful girl at school.
At first, I wasn't sure what I thought of you.
You were so open with me about your emotions from day one.
I was used to guys playing games with my mind,
but you told me right away that you thought we would be good together.
You would call me on the phone, (every other night so that you would not seem too anxious)
and you would write down things for us to talk about in your notebook. (I found this out later)!
You could always make me laugh,
and even though I pushed you away at times
I secretly knew I loved your attention.
Finally, I admitted this to myself,
and I told you I liked you.
You wanted to be romantic,
so on our first date you took me to the aquarium,
and asked me to be your girlfriend.

Almost four years later I am looking back on everything we have been through.
I have never been so comfortable with anybody in my life.
You know all of me,
and I know all of you.
The other night you said to me, "You look so grown up"
and I almost cried simply because of the fact that you have loved me long enough to notice something like that.
We have had our share of hard times,
but that is to be expected when you are young and in love.
It is amazing that we are still together,
considering how young we are,
and this proves to me that something just clicks between us.
I feel secure,
I feel happy,
I trust you,
and I love you with all of my heart.

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