Monday, September 14, 2009

for a savior/ for saving me


This is for a savior .
I was found a couple of weeks ago, tired of everything. I was ready to give up not only love but school and all that reminded me of home. Along with a number of events, I dug myself a hole where I seemed to lose myself in panic and confusion. But somehow, one night, I was found by this beautiful person, with a heart of an angel. The first night we talked uninterruptedly for six hours, and we continued to talk the next day and the next and the next... After a week when we finally met, we continued to talk. We spoke with words and looks and smiles,.
The other night.-
He kissed me, and it felt like I was falling apart. It felt like he had picked stars from the sky and let them flood through my veins. I shone.
He took my hand as he walked me home; I smiled all night long.
Before I knew it, time passed and I am where I am today. these few weeks, these twelve days feel like months. and there's so much more of this story but it's just details. What matters is that these weeks have given me hope, a light to count on. I know for sure that my heart lies in his his hands; I'm not afraid. His eyes tells me that nothing can go wrong. His heart tells me I am happiness. His words are nothing but the truth.
I know now, for sure, that there are saviors in this world.
They may be rare, but they are there.
He is amazing. I am happiness.

-R ♥ E

he saved me.
for a very long time i was deeply depressed.
in a long-term relationship but still feeling lonely
emotionally neglected and taken for granted.
i started to believe i was naturally melancholic
and felt i was destined to live this kind of life
but one day
i saw my childhood crush
after 8 years of silence
and the first day he saw me
he told me he loved me.
i laughed and thought
he was being silly.
but he never let me go
and now a year has passed since that day
and now i'm with him
and finally happy
and at peace
with myself
and life.
i thank him
for saving me.
if it wasn't for neale
i wouldn't have a
clue where i
would be

i want to share this lil' story
with you
because i
truly believed
it was
impossible to
find real love
but i swear
i found it
i know i have
and have hope
and know
that others will too.
its always
the person
you least


  1. this is beautiful.
    it made me feel a bit of hope for myself because i am like u from back then.

  2. The first one is really beautiful. And this coming from a slight cynic and literary snob.

  3. Also, I posted this on your etc blog; but I'm not sure if you got it. The link to that blog from this blog (lelove) is incorrect.

    Just so you know!

  4. I think that labeling your S/O as a savior is just asking for lame, angst ridden trouble. If you can't save yourself, no one else can. Sorry to be the downer, but some of these sap-tastic "literary" submissions just make me very un-romantic in my pants. I love lelove for it's images, which speak volumes over petty teenage feelings.

  5. this is so beautiful! I can really relate to this. I met this guy some months after my fathers death and I was so depressed... I hated everything, even my beloved father, I hated it, that he had left me all by myself. Anyway, I met this guy and he turned all things upside down - how they were meant to be. He gave me my happiness back and he filled the hole of sorrow in my heart with love that could light up a whole village.
    we are still together, and he may be in greece right now (soon leaving for london to the uni) and I in sweden. But I know that everything is going to be ok... Because now again I'm optimistic for love and life, all thanks to him.

    ps. I can totally understand what the first writer says about "...time passed and I am where I am today. these few weeks, these twelve days feel like months." W O R D.

  6. Beautiful storys, and i personally think that people who have not been trough what these girls have, don't understand the meaning of "savior" for them. It's just so beautiful and ..breathtaking, in my opinion.

  7. Yeah, I totally get what it means who you call someone a savior. I've been there, and I'm speaking from experience.

  8. I'm so glad there are peple like that out there, whi care for you and helps you see the meaning when you can not. thank you to all the saviors out there.

  9. beautiful

  10. thank you for posting this up x he really means the world to me.

    (blind irish pirate)i understand what you mean by saving yourself. but sometimes, when you're really blinded by depression- it does take someone else to help give you back that strength & remind you of your worth.

    young or old, feelings are never petty. were all human. we live and we learn ;p

  11. in the spirit of the comment of blind irish pirate: what is your saviour leaves?

  12. i is always the person you least expect...or overlook

  13. "It felt like he had picked stars from the sky and let them flood through my veins. I shone." I think that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  14. This makes me feel so much hope. Thank you.

    And I agree with Krna, that is the most beautiful line I've heard in a long time. Amazing.

  15. This is beautiful. You are giving me back the hope I was ready to throw out the window.

  16. My savior turned out to be the one who would drown me, but I'm hoping I'll find happiness one day.

  17. words or pictures. Its all love.

  18. These are great; beautiful. We all need (at least) a little bit of saving sometimes.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Don't we all wish of this fairytale ending for ourselves? Because I truly do.

  21. So Great! I have the same sort of story...I'm fing more and more, that if you want to find love, use the internet. But don't pay a dime.

  22. So beautiful... can't find words to match the greatness of her writing.

  23. this is the most beautiful thing ever. (': I have never been through something like this before, but this says it all. It's so deep and moving and just gorgeous. Le Love is awesome (:


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