Wednesday, September 9, 2009

every year as long as I will live

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thank you to patricia for sending me this story:

I've got a part-time job as a telemarketer. Not the greatest of jobs but, not working of comission anymore, I've actually started to like it. Everyday I get to talk to people and hear them telling me stories from their lives. Stories I'd never hear if I hadn't tried desperately to sell them a subscription of a newspaper.

A few weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with an old man.
I asked him if he was interesting in getting a subscription of the local paper. He replied by telling me that if I was wondering why he had hoist the flag it was because his wife would have been turning 85 today if she were still alive.

I told him that I really thought that was a very sweet thing to do. The old man agreed and said "I will keep doing this every year as long as I will live."

While listening to him telling me about his beloved wife a wamth spread in my chest and my eyes were prickling. Eventually I wished him a nice day and ended the call.

I had a smile glued to my face for the rest of the day. Not because he bought the subscription but because of the picture I had stuck in my head of an old man looking up at the flag pole in his backyard and smiling.

This made me believe a little bit in love. True love that lasts forever.


  1. Love is a choice.
    Conscious choice to everyday lift up the other person, choosing not to live only for yourself.

    Love can last forever.
    The problem is that nowadays we end up giving up on love because we are either scared or not willing to lay down our selfish desires.

    There is a quote I love that goes among these lines:
    "Life takes little time and a lot of relationship."

    We need to learn to relate, to want to make it work out, to commit.
    Love is a choice, it is a commitment, it does last forever.
    And when that happens, you know you mean the world to someone who also means everything to you.

    There is no better feeling.

  2. I worked a brief stint as a telemarketer too so I know how amazingly rare it is to go home with a smile after work. Thanks for sharing this story!

  3. This is just so cute story!
    i love love love old people who're still in love. isn't that adorable?!

  4. this is so sweet :)
    true love does exist

  5. I just can´t stop smiling. It's so beautiful, and i totaly agree, old people that are in love is so sweet. Pehå, du kan du!

  6. oh, that was among the sweetest things i've ever heard! and the picture. i loove old couples that are acting so cute against eachother. it makes me believe in a love that actually will last.

  7. It made me believe in love again. (:

  8. that is so sweet.
    my grandparents where so in love and will always be!

  9. It was so romantic you should right love storys and write books and stuff your so good at that sis my sister wrote that and I LOVE her so much shes the best sister EVER every one would like a sister like her <3333
    well when you talk about LOVE
    LOVE ya sis great story :D

  10. gave me chicken skin hehe...very sweet <3

  11. that brought tears in my eyes, so lovely.

  12. Aww, that's amazing. That'll keep me smiling for awhile.

  13. this is one of the most amazing stories i have ever read<3

  14. it is a wonder how such small things can turn out to be really big ones.


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