Wednesday, September 9, 2009

every year as long as I will live

image: mommyaddictedtoscraps

thank you to patricia for sending me this story:

I've got a part-time job as a telemarketer. Not the greatest of jobs but, not working of comission anymore, I've actually started to like it. Everyday I get to talk to people and hear them telling me stories from their lives. Stories I'd never hear if I hadn't tried desperately to sell them a subscription of a newspaper.

A few weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with an old man.
I asked him if he was interesting in getting a subscription of the local paper. He replied by telling me that if I was wondering why he had hoist the flag it was because his wife would have been turning 85 today if she were still alive.

I told him that I really thought that was a very sweet thing to do. The old man agreed and said "I will keep doing this every year as long as I will live."

While listening to him telling me about his beloved wife a wamth spread in my chest and my eyes were prickling. Eventually I wished him a nice day and ended the call.

I had a smile glued to my face for the rest of the day. Not because he bought the subscription but because of the picture I had stuck in my head of an old man looking up at the flag pole in his backyard and smiling.

This made me believe a little bit in love. True love that lasts forever.
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