Friday, August 7, 2009

should my shadow cross thy thoughts

erika sent these images with a touching story my way:

I found this photo amongst my Grandmother's things after she passed away. (I'm sorry for the poor quality - if you'd like to post it I can try and get a better image to you.) We have no idea who the man in the photo is, not even his name. But love like that, old love, is truly lovely.

The back reads:

Since we deserved the name of friends,
And thine effect so lives in me,
A part of mine may live in thee
And move thee on to noble ends.

Should my shadow cross thy thoughts,
Too sadly for their peace,
So put it back for calmer hours,
In memory's darkest hold.

I hope it touches someone like it has touched me- erika


  1. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog. It makes me think twice before I give up on real love, even if it's a forbbiden one. I mean, if you really love someone, there's no way you could just forget it.

    I have a best friend. We both fell in love with the same guy, but unfortunately (or fortunately, don't know!) he has always loved me. He said he won't give up on me, and I think I should do the same. He's notmy best friend, but he is something close to that. I feel comfortable, and loved on his side. I love the way I feel about him. So that's it. That's my own love story.

  2. I love seeing things like this, makes me believe in love a little more (than what I already have. :) )

    One day I'll get a good pic of me and my boy together and post it. But I'm waiting for the perfect shot.

  3. my goodness...that's beautiful!

  4. I really love your blog, keep up what you're doing, there isn't enough of this stuff around. Real love is the things you show on this blog.

    I'm now a follower :)

  5. this is so great iv'e been reading you blog for about 2 weeks now and this one post inspired me so much i just started writing my poetry again, 20 pages worth of poems later i feel renewed.

  6. That is so incredibly sweet.

  7. oh my, this is so deeply touching and wonderful!

  8. awww....this made my heart flutter. so beautiful...<3

  9. sigh. beautiful story. love your blog! been addicted since i stumbled upon it a week ago.

  10. This is just absolutely beautiful!!!

  11. this is great.

    but it make me thinking about this: to all the readers, do you think one of your email to your love will found when you passed in 50 years?
    go and write a letter or a picture postcard or what ever you found to write a few words on ;-)

  12. chills
    a whole lotta chills down my spine

  13. that is awesome. I have always loved your blog.Thanks once again for this wonderful post.

  14. Tennyson never fails to give me the chills. A sweet, loving photograph -- this has inspired me to write actual letters and postcards to my lover.

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