Tuesday, August 18, 2009

love in the first person

click the image above to view a beautiful short

there are soooo many beautiful images throughout ♥

thank you to wedding photographer stacy reeves for sending this my way!


  1. wow. thank you so much for this- it was so sweet and the photography was gorgeous.

  2. this was adorable

  3. Hi,

    Just to let you know I've tagged you for a blogger award! x

  4. thank you. this was absolutely amazing.

  5. I love this blogg so mutch. U made me belive in love again, I can't wait to fall in love and be happy ! :)

  6. that was amazing. i cried, because THAT's real love.

  7. Lately this blog makes me happy cry.
    I happy cried at the wedding dance video and I cried at this.
    It was beautiful.
    And the photography was gorgeous.
    I'd love to see more of Matt's photos.

  8. coincidence, i went to the same school as these two. i'm also a photography student. I had class with melissa when she was getting married. can't believe you found this! its a beautiful piece.

  9. This video was beautiful and amazing. Thank you for posting it - otherwise I would never have seen it.

  10. this was so amazing . for 11 mins and 16 seconds i was totally in their world. i love documentaries. i am a hopeless romantic so this was just perfect. thank you for posting this. i feel all mushy inside and the photography was out of this world.

  11. I actually couldn't watch that! I had to X out, it was just too sweet and I didn't feel like crying this morning. I am having trouble missing my boyfriend as we've had a change in our relationship. It's hard, and that piece was just too sweet. I will def watch it one time, though! Love your blog!

  12. this was just to beautiful.
    my eyes welled up a little.
    like another person said, for 11 minutes and 16 seconds, i was caught up in their love filled world

  13. This was soo beautiful. I just watched it in silence and i loved every second.
    So madelyn must be four right now.
    I hope she's doing ok!

    xoxo Justine van Es


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