Wednesday, July 22, 2009

one time...

One time, i started bleeding nose blood out of nowhere.
And i have a napkin in my pocket so I start to wipe the blood away,
and right away he yells "No what are u doing!?" And then he puts the whole napkin in my
nose. I felt so stupid sitting there on the bench next to him with a whole napkin
stuck up in my nose. About a minute later something falls down from the tree above us.
And you know that second when something has just happened but none of you can figure out what?
We had a moment like that. Until we realized that a bird just pooped on my forehead/jacket.
We both started laughing our buts of. "STOP LAUGHING!" I said.
He stopped laughing saying "I'm sorry! But... You would have laughed just the same way if
a bird pooped on my face..." And he was so right. So there we were.
Me with a napkin in my nose and bird poop on my forehead, and him wiping the poo of.

Now he will always remember me as "That girl who started bleeding nose blood at the same time
a bird pooped on her".

We have stuck with each other for 9 months now. I know that I don't show it that well,
but Holy fuck - I LOVE this man.
thank you hanna for sharing your pic + your story!
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