Friday, March 13, 2009

blog watch: the anithesis to LE LOVE

I was recently asked by the writer of STOP AND PANIC
"what does that quote mean to you?

my answer: well it plays off the theory i have frequently heard said that people have many loves in their life or better said throughout their life.... so say you go from one serious deep love relationship to the next and so on you could argue it is actually isn't exact because polygamy means at one time...but you could argue that you still do love all those people at the same time...this is hard to explain.


check out STOP AND PANIC for a very chuck palahniuk take on love
and relationships and also to read his take on the quote.

lovely readers...what do you think?


  1. I don't like that quote, personally. It seems like he is saying everyone cheats even if you don't know it. But maybe that's just my interpretation.

  2. I think it's a piece of shit quote from a stupid, cynical guy who wants to justify his feelings that there is no true love.

    It's a dumbass thing to say...why do we have the names monogamy and polygamy anyways, if what he says is true? I understand what he's trying to say, but it doesn't work, because monogamy implies that you are MONOGAMOUS at the time, not that you are sleeping with/married to more than one person.

    it's "hard to explain" because even he doesn't really understand it. It's all a big piece of shit.

  3. that's very strange logic... that actually kinda makes sense to me :-/

  4. i cynic. just saying that everyone's always cheating, you may just not know about it, yet.

    i'm glad i'm not that cynical.

  5. if you think about it, it's true. we are capable of falling in love with multiple people. and it possible to still love someone even if you have broken up and moved on to other relationships. in the grand scheme of things, it is polygamistic in a weird sort of way.

    i don't find that to be cynical at all.

  6. Completely disagree, while I can understand caring for an ex, I am not currently in love with them. Inside a polygamous relationship I would hope that the love is current, and if it isn't, that they get out!

  7. I think that guy is a misogynistic idiot. I could not agree less that saying 'I love you' to over 10 people in your life, or getting divorced 5 times makes you a whore. I don't think he understands the concept of monogamy at all - just because he can't love or commit to one person at a time does not mean that others aren't perfectly capable of it.

  8. If monogamy that doesn't last forever is polygamy, then we must be born again. What an outlandish statement! Rather old fashioned for this day and age, I have to say.

  9. i dont feel its right..i love the old concepts of polygamy

  10. while we can get technical about the definition of "Monogamy" & "Polygamy"... & true, it may not fit, i think looking at a broader scale the concept makes sense... & to say polygamy or monogamy is "good" or "bad" is a judgement call that we're making..
    i agree with it actually.. we're made to love many people at one time..

    is he cynical because it could be true?
    granted, he could have explained the quote with better logic.. but still we have to give him some credit..

    what i love about this blog is that it's romantic, fantastical & ideal.. but love is beyond a fashion magazine photo & a beautiful quote...
    i'm glad that this was posted because it challenges the idea of what love is/can be..

  11. I do not like that at all. I have heard it before, it sounds like an excuse to not be lovely and sweet. I tagged you though, and that is lovely and sweet.

  12. I <3 your blog and all that it stands for: love, beauty, hope, tenderness, sensuality. Having looked at Stop and Panic's blog, I feel for him - I think he wants everything you radiate and is terrified that he might not be worthy of it.

    I do think we can love many - or at least more than one - deeply in a lifetime, maybe even more than one at the same time, sometimes. That doesn't make my cynical or bitter, it just adds to the beauty.

    Stop and Panic doesn't seem to see much beauty anywhere. Poor thing. Makes me want to give him a big, tender, long, loving hug.

  13. Wow wth is wrong with that guy??!! Poor thing he has so much anger and rancor I wonder what must had happen to him in order to become such an ass, and that phrase is so pesimistic and hopeless, eww it makes me sick. Yeah!! of course is the total opposite of your blog!! I love this blog because it cherish simple things in life, things that are transmitted in a simple picture but represent a lot. I honestly can say that when I enter to your blog a smile apperas in my face, that may sound a little corny but it`s true. Lovely pics! BTW i love the converse shoes pic, it was so cute!

  14. I feel like the blogger of Stop and Panic is being kind of a jerk.

    I feel like most of the commenters here are being even bigger, more condescending jerks.

    I really like your answer to his question. I don't know if I agree with you, but it made me think. Ultimately, I don't agree with him, because that's not what polygamy means. Sleeping around with lots of people is neither a trait of polygamy or monogamy. And for him to use the term polygamy that way turns the term from a different way of looking at how humans love to something much dirtier and uglier. Not because there is something wrong with sleeping around: there's nothing shameful or dirty about human sexuality. He turns the concept of polygamy into something dirty and ugly by using blatantly disrespectful words such as "whore" and "cum dumpster." (Especially the latter: I have so many problems with that term. It only exists to further misogyny and turn sex into something shameful.)

    To kind of conclude/sum that up, I think he misinterpreted the quote because polygamy != sleeping around.

  15. i had to go back and read this guy's answer to his own question. and i see where he's coming from. trust me...i much prefer this romantic, beautiful version of love but sometimes love can be grimy.

    i personally read the quote and understand it completely differently. to me, it seems to be saying that in serial monogamy you go from ONE person to another ONE to another ONE, etc....but isn't that still a BUNCH of people? and more so, when you move around in relationships like that, are you even giving yourself enough time to get over the last one?? in that case, there is a good chance you have feelings for more than one person at a time. and let us keep in mind that polygamy isn't just sleeping with but sometimes refers solely to being MARRIED to multiple people (at the same time).

  16. man, do I love the comments on that.

    I'm literally rofling.

    Sofiatome is the only person who got it right. Congratulations. And to whoever wants to give me that hug, i'm all about it.

  17. I read this guy's blog and he is cynical. He is the worst nightmare for woman.

    He puts all the blame on woman for what goes array in relationships and dating. I agree, there are "slutty" woman out there, just as there are men. What these people are is lost and uneducated and don't have God.

    I feel bad for you if sleeping around makes you feel better about yourself, or more manly. It's sad and it's gross. No respectable woman would ever date someone like you and make it serious. So with that, you're missing out on one of the greatest gifts we are!

    Next time you feel like getting plastered or sleeping with some random person (insert your disgusting choice phrase here) check out your local church or better yet, The Bible!

  18. although I love your blog, Le Love, your answer is poorly poorly written. It makes no sense.

    Keep to photos with one word captions.

  19. I'm a romantic and yet I think this is true. Ok... not in the literal dictionary definition sense, but I still have love for people from past relationships even though they are over. That also doesn't mean I'm not commited and madly in love with the person I'm currently with.

    If you love fully and deeply, and then if/when you move on, don't replace that with bitterness, and your life will be hell of a lot more pleasant.

  20. I can't imagine being in love with more than one person at a time, because being in love is such an investment in another person. It takes time and energy and an extreme amount of focus. Essentially the problem with polygamy is the same with multi-tasking: you may be able to get the same things done, but you won't do them nearly as well.

  21. man, everyone is taking this quote toooo seriously. calm the hell down lol. this is just the internet.

    Also, that blog is too wordy. I love words. I'm a writer. But if I wanted to read a book, I would read a book, not be online.

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