Monday, March 23, 2009

birthday wishes ♥

Eight years ago on this day you told me you loved me.
It was over spilled bong water as your sister screamed for everyone to leave her room.
You soon got very sick and I cloistered you in the bathroom.
Over the next three hours you spoke to me in sign language.
From under the influence you revealed the sealed depth of your love for me.
I feared you would forget the forms that had been uttered.

That was the gift you gave me on your twenty first birthday...your love.
And now, on your twenty ninth, you still dwell in this intoxicated realm.
You are an undisturbed voice in my life.
Our love is a natural possession that has endured through the years.
The hushed verse of destiny birthed you upon me with ingenious heat.
And I attach myself to the sensations of our ample past towards the rich restlessness that lies in wait.

this was sent to me for le love and i ♥ it. so romantic :)
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